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  1. photo guy

    newbe bought tank w/fish and all, no filtration

    One of the coral tanks (looks to be about 250-300 gal) at a LFS uses onlay a skimmer for filtration. I was astonished to see that that's all they had. It's the same skimmer I have (ETSS 600) but I'm also running a sump.
  2. photo guy

    Well water question?

    I've been using well water for a few months now. I just haven't gotten around to hooking up my RODI yet. I haven't tested the water but I do know that it's very clear, tastes great and there have been no problems thus far. It HAS to be better than the city water around here.
  3. photo guy

    basement sump in progress.

    It must be nice to be able to keep this stuff AWAY from the tank. I can't wait to see the complete project.
  4. photo guy

    The Back Glass in My Tank Needs To Be Shaved

    no dirtct sunlight. I'm using RO/DI water. It's time for a change though.
  5. photo guy

    The Back Glass in My Tank Needs To Be Shaved

    A couple of weeks ago I noticed green Algae??? starting to take over the back glass of my tank (I clean the other three sides every couple of days). Now the green stuff looks like a bad case of back hair, think Austin Powers. Today I added 5 turbo snails. Am I on the right track? All my rock...
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    Mudplayerx, How would you suggest acclimating the snails? Thanks, Keith
  7. photo guy

    Anyone from Georgia?

    I'm in Calhoun, 60 miles North of Atlanta. I'll be selling a 90 gal complete with rocks, sand, lights, sump etc when I get my 220 set up. I'm shooting for 1st of November - ish to put it up for sale.
  8. photo guy

    anyone in TN.

    Calhoun, GA just South of Chattanooga.
  9. photo guy

    Any Salt Water Tank Rental Places in FL

    Hey Carshark, I'm in Calhoun between Atl and Chattanooga and I NEW to the hobby. I've checked out what I can find in Chattanooga + a couple of places about 30 minutes from me in Dalton. Last Saturday I made it to Optimum Aquarium in Marietta. I'm TRYING to find an (or two) LFS to deal with...
  10. photo guy

    Built a custom 125 stand

    Thanks for all the info. Your stand is an inspiration! I think I could do a quality job but less than a week...outreagous! I consider myself a multi-tasker but you put me to shame. Again, Thanks for the info and the inspiration. Keith
  11. photo guy

    Built a custom 125 stand

    OOPS, a couple of other questions. Did you make the top of the stand solid or did you sit the tank on the frame. I can't tell from the photos. Also could you show us how the doors on the front open? Are the hinged or lift-out? Thanks again, Keith
  12. photo guy

    Built a custom 125 stand

    That stand is SWEEEET! I've bought a 220 gal that I'll be picking up next month. It has a not so good looking stand with it. I've been trying to decide if I want to make a stand myself or have one made (don't have a huge amount of time). The cabinet maker I spoke with quoted about $700 for a 42"...
  13. photo guy

    Underwater Oasis

    I’ve heard of a pet store in the next town that has a bird housed inside an aquarium with fish all around it. It couldn’t be much of a life for the bird. I’ll check it out if I get a chance but it sounds pretty cheesy to me. Keith
  14. photo guy


    Stuckinfla, Thanks for the advise. I was REALLY hoping to use the 90 exactly the way you described. That's primarily why I even got it. I may sell it or set it up at my business after the 220 is going strong. Yes I'll be using a trailer but only for hauling the tank, stand, and water if I do...
  15. photo guy


    Thanks Bang Guy and Ophiura! Those are some GREAT tips. Keith
  16. photo guy

    building a canopy... need help

    I'm such an idiot some times. :mad: The guys that make these said they had patton rights to the design. So I probably better not send photos. You could take a look at the site though. The images I did yesterday should be on their site within a week or two to get an idea of the quality. The...
  17. photo guy

    building a canopy... need help

    I did some photography for these folks yesterday. .To say the quality of their hoods is outstanding is an understatement. I did get some detail shots if you're interested I could TRY to post them (I'm new here & don't know how to post yet) OR I could e-mail a few. These...
  18. photo guy

    Making a reflector for my reef lights... what shape should it be?

    Looks good reefnut. Mike, Flat ontop isn't good. Lots of wasted light that way. I was thinking "U" shaped sp the light is inside the "U" and pointing toward the water. The bulb needs to be pretty clase to the reflector though. Keith
  19. photo guy


    Originally Posted by ophiura So, I gather from this desription that you're a pretty darn smart guy? Don't know about that but thanks for the compliment Originally Posted by ophiura I was reading it going "holy cow this guy's been doing some thinking." I've been giving this an incredible...
  20. photo guy

    Making a reflector for my reef lights... what shape should it be?

    Based on the design used in photographic reflectors it makes sense to have them be convex and close to the light source so the light is directed where you want it. If you lined the canopy with the reflective material you would get a broader light effect. Either way you have the same amount of...