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  1. tangs123

    Reef Colors

    maybe some starburst polyps or xenia if your lighting situation is good enough
  2. tangs123

    Looking into starting this Hobby

    questions are the best thing on this board because it spreads lots of knowledge... so ask away because it is benefiting everybody
  3. tangs123

    schooling fish

    chromises would be the best schooling fish, they are not guarenteed to stay in a school though, most of the time they separate and move around the tank alone
  4. tangs123

    Crustacean Deaths

    if you dont, try running carbon in your tank for a few days to help get rid of some heavy metals or other things that may be hurting your crustaceans
  5. tangs123

    How much flow on a 120g Reef?

    maybe one powerhead on the front of the tank would be better, that is one on a side of the tank not in the middle. With two powerheads pointing at each other you might be creating a whirlpool in the middle of your tank and all the debris would be stuck in the middle instead of flowing into an...
  6. tangs123

    Please Help! Possible bleach residue in tank...

    get a filter running with lots of carbon and keep running the protein skimmer and emptying it
  7. tangs123

    new dog face and vol. lion not eating

    you can get any small feeder shrimp at a pet shop for about 30c a piece or catch them with a net if you live near a brackish body of water
  8. tangs123

    new tank question

    "bugs" are good, it is a sign that your tank is cycling, and the algae is normal for any new tank
  9. tangs123

    help with transfer

    if you transfered the live rock and the live sand i would measure your levels, then corals the next day, then fish should be fine if your levels are good, because your rock and water is already cycled
  10. tangs123

    pregnant seahorse

    he may be sick with gas bubble disease, hopefully not but unless we can get a picture or some more information im not sure. read up on gas bubble disease because it can be treated, one thing that makes me think it is not gas bubble is that he is on the bottom of the tank when usually seahorses...
  11. tangs123

    55g Sump critters

    why is it referred to as "green death"?
  12. tangs123

    Seahorse Compatibility Chart

    thank you very much for the chart. i wanted to know which gobies i would be able to add and thanks to the list i think i will go with the small court jester or clown goby
  13. tangs123

    will a Mandarin Dragonet eat amphipods?

    im not sure i know that mandarins need "pods" to survive and i know copepods fall into this category i would guess that amphipods would be a sufficient food source
  14. tangs123

    Herbivore's in FO Feeding

    a clip with seaweed should be good, hopefully the trigger doesn't get to it first. If he does maybe you can get two clips so all the fish have a chance to feed if the trigger is too agressive
  15. tangs123

    Xenia Infestation

    Originally Posted by ninjamini Get a razor and start cutting. Also there are things that will kill it that you can add to the water. razor and start cutting might make more?!?
  16. tangs123

    ahhh please helpp!!!

    Originally Posted by Beth The sand bed should not be stirred or vacuumed. Rely on sand bed detritovores to do this for you. How do you mix your water? What is your pH? pH was 8.1 using my digital tester, seems around normal... when you say mixing water do you mean my water change... if that...
  17. tangs123

    ahhh please helpp!!!

    would nitrates affect all of my inverts and corals too because everything is doing fine now... maybe the fish have been getting stressed time after time and finially they were put over the limit, i tested the water right when this started happening and everything was at zero is really the thing...
  18. tangs123

    ahhh please helpp!!!

    my tank has been running smooth for 2.5 years now but today i decided to clean some algae that was accumulating on the sand bed... i do this every once in a while but this time when i did it all of my fish died including one clown fish and a small sailfin tang.... i have a 75g reef and i do...
  19. tangs123

    Aruba Snorkeling (56k warning)

    few more pics Tangs and Damsels more coral and a damsel giant starfish.. to put in perspective it was about 16 inches across not as good of shot of the angel unidentified giant tang sea turtle hatching
  20. tangs123

    Aruba Snorkeling (56k warning)

    Dry-Pak above is the exact one that i have more pictures in a second