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  1. sigmachris

    Is there a book about tank / equipment?

    So about 3 years ago I started a biocube to see if this addiction will last. Well it has so I am looking to jump into a large in wall tank. The thing is, sumps, skimmers, and plumbing are all foreign to me. Is there a book that explains all of this? I am probably at least a year away. I am...
  2. sigmachris

    Supreme Court question

    Why is John Roberts the Chief Justice yet he is the newest judge on the court?
  3. sigmachris

    How time for OJ?

    As the poll says, how much time will OJ Simpson be sentenced to today for his kidnapping and burglary case in Vegas? For those who don't know, his defense already has been asking the judge to only sentence him to 6 years (the minimum) so he is finally serving time. Edit - sorry I forgot the word...
  4. sigmachris

    Film to digital scanner

    Does anyone have any experience with a film (35mm negatives) to digital scanner. Any recommendations to a particular model or warnings about a model? Thanks, Chris
  5. sigmachris

    WSOP spoiled

    Not a huge deal...I would rather play poker than watch it on TV. However over the summer I have caught most of the Main Event shows on ESPN leading up tonight's finale. I was browsing and one of the headlines spoiled tonight's finale. Kind of bummed...
  6. sigmachris

    Candidtate sign theft...a cure for it

    This is kind of funny...within the article click on the video that shows the kid getting shocked.
  7. sigmachris

    Who plays disc golf?

    I played a lot in the late 90s and just picked it up again this summer. Fun game, a little exercise, and potentially challenging courses if you can find them. Great for kids if you are looking for something to do with them. I take my 3 year old, he really isn't playing but he tosses the disc...
  8. sigmachris

    Political humor

    Is anyone watching the Alfred E. Smith dinner speeches on C-SPAN right now. Its a charity dinner for chatholic charity in NYC. Both Obama and McCain are there and speaking. Its not the typical speeches from either is a "roast" style speech with both candidates making fun of one...
  9. sigmachris

    Help picking a dog from humane society

    I am looking at rescuing a 1.5 year old boxer mix from my humane society. It has been there 2 weeks as a stray...female, looks a little scranny, gets along great with my 3 year old and my current 9 year old dog. It walks great on a leash and doesn't jump. It also doesn't show fear if my hand...
  10. sigmachris

    Work out programs

    Does anyone know of any good websites that detail work out programs for overall fitness and core strength? I have been doing good about hitting the gym a few times a week, but I could probably be working out more efficiently.
  11. sigmachris

    A good man's razor

    So we have all seen the commercial with Tigers Woods, Federor, and some soccer player advertising the Schick Quartro. Its the 4 bladed razor that also has a AA battery in it to make it move like an electric even though it is a razor. Well I received a coupon for one of these razors for free and...
  12. sigmachris

    Car Detailing Question

    I have a spot of about 8"x8" on my car door that looks to be missing its clear coat. It started off about 3"x3"? when I first noticed it about 6 months ago. Is there anything I can do to fix it? Thanks in advance, Chris
  13. sigmachris

    Darwin nominee

    Here is another nominee for the 2008 Darwin Awards.
  14. sigmachris

    Will these fit in my Nano?

    Check out these sea stars...
  15. sigmachris

    Pet Peeve

    I hate that some DVDs don't allow you to hit the menu button to bring you to the movie menu when the DVD boots up. Instead they make you watch their coming attractions. I paid money for this DVD I shouldn't have to watch their commercials. Rant over, Chris
  16. sigmachris

    March Madness Pool

    Who wants to money just for pride! Please use your SWF name for the pool so we can recognize the winners and losers. It will be run through and you will need a login name and password which is free. Good luck, Chris
  17. sigmachris

    H-ilton Head Golf

    I am vacationing in Tybee Island, GA this spring but plan on driving up to H-ilton Head, SC for a round of golf. I have never been to H-ilton Head so I am up for suggestions on golf. I am a 10 handicap but my 2 buddies are hackers. We are looking to keep green fee's to around $100. With only...
  18. sigmachris

    March Madness Check List

    1) HDTV 2) Plenty of food and drink 3) Brackets filled out and in front of you 4)
  19. sigmachris

    LocLine and the 14G BioCube

    OK so I bought some 1/2" LocLine this week. How do I go about getting it to fit snuggly on the return? It fits OK, but can get blown off the return if I or a fish bump the locline.
  20. sigmachris

    Leather for trade in SW Ohio

    Leather cabbage for trade in Cincinnati / Dayton area. It is a nice piece about 4" wide mounted to a rock. I don't have much space left on my sand bed where I have been keeping it so I am looking to trade for some zoo's or candy canes. Its not worth the expense of shipping so I am hoping to...