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  1. sandman12

    Corals for sale
  2. sandman12

    mag 12

    $70 shipped. 3 years old, 1 day old impeller. To loud to sleep with in my room. James
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    Happy easter!
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    mods and others (golfish)

    I have a 55g with 30g long sump/fuge (about 20g of what). I have an ASM G2 skimmer, mag 7 external return pump, and a Volicity T4 external closed loop. My lights where off all day today (nothing in the tank yet) and still my temp is a 85 right now!!! the house temp is at 77. Any idea where the...
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    winner of photo contest?

    Who won?
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    I have 3 frags of RPE's, frags come in 3-4 polyps but i can get more upon request. These polyps where aquacultured in my 135g reef under 2-400w 10k XM MH. They where my first coral so they r roughly 2.5 years old. PPE's go for $50/polyp so i will sell my RPE's for $25/polyp + shipping. Shipping...
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    Bang (breeding dragonets)

    Is it possable to cross breed a mandrian and a scooter bleenie?
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    Cleaner shrimp help asap

    Ok, 2 days ago i came home and one of my cleaner shrimps antennas where clipped real short and he was real stiff and didnt move as much as normal. It got worse, not he is strugling to walk and his legs r real shaky. He like gimps across the sand and lays down. This mourning i wake up and my...
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    New nano!

    Hey guys, iam in the process of building a new nano. It will be a 13.5x10" cube approx. 7g. It will have an internal overflow with 3/4" bulkhead. The teeth on the overflow box and bulkhead hole will be laser cut. I will probably end of selling it if all goes as planned. This is my first DIY...
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    acrylic DIYers needed

    Which weldon do i use for bonding acrylic. Iam making a nano (7g). What web site can i get it from? Thanks
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    Breeding bangaiis (Bang)

    Hey, just picked up my 2nd bangaii. So if they hang out together they r male and female? If not they r them same ---?
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    PH problem continued (bang)

    I just etsed my PH and it was at 7.5! How do i get it up safely? Also my KH was at 7.5 dKH, is that ok? I will test the PH again tonight if u want me to bang. Thanks James
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    PH problem

    LFS said my PH was at 7.8 yesterday. I added some buffer, what else can i do to keep it at 8.2?
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    Fish 'n' Frags

    Watchman goby found is cave.
  15. sandman12

    SPS people needed

    I need an i.d. hydnopora?
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    My fish!

    All of my fish in my 135g as of today. Banagii cardinal, whats that? u need a mate.......not easy to find:D
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    question for bangaii breeders

    How do u tell the --- of a bangaii cradinal. My LFS has them for $15, i got one and want to get another of the opposite --- hoping to one day breed. I have done my research on breeding its just so hard to find a pair!! So iam going to try to make my own.
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    Live rock for sale in florida

    I have about 25lbs of awsome keys aquacultured live rock. These rocks r about 3lbs each one is 7lbs. Covered in pods and ideal to start a fuge or seed base rock. Iam looking to get $5/lb plus shipping. Thanks James
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    Around the tank

    pistol shrimp? i think it is but it doesnt have the one big claw.
  20. sandman12

    New clam!!

    got this clam and some other stuff from a local reefer today. IS it a squamosa? THe shell is 9" and the whole thing fully open in 12".