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  1. gene52569

    Banded Cat Shark

    I have a Banded Cat Shark that just hatched out of his egg in my tank. What would be the best food's for him? I have tried raw shimp but no luck on getting him to eat as of yet.
  2. gene52569

    eclipse systems

    I was thinking of putting eclipse hoods on my 2 saltwater tanks, complete with the eclipse filtration. Good idea or bad???? They work well for me for my freshwater tank, but not sure if it is recomended for saltwater. Comments??????????
  3. gene52569

    hippo tang

    I ordered a hippo tang from swf. Are they the same thing as an Regal tang? From what I see of a regal tang at my lfs is the huge price difference. My lfs of course told me buying a hippo was a bad idea, and that they stay small. Depending on size they wanted between 45 and 70 for one. I of...
  4. gene52569

    Red Slime Looking alge?

    I have this redish brown slime on my glass on my tanks. I reach in and wipe it off and in a week or so I see it starting to come back. The folks at the store I buy my fish from can't seem to tell me what it is. I have green and purple alge on the back of my glass, I want that to stay. I only...