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  1. gene52569

    Banded Cat Shark

    I have a Banded Cat Shark that just hatched out of his egg in my tank. What would be the best food's for him? I have tried raw shimp but no luck on getting him to eat as of yet.
  2. gene52569

    if u have a snoflake eel...

    And another pic
  3. gene52569

    if u have a snoflake eel...

    Here is a pic of mine. I have had him 6 months. He will eat from my hand. He is almost 2 feet long.
  4. gene52569

    snowflake morays with crustaceans

    Though mine has never got out of the tank, I am told they can survive for some time out of the water. Even if they seem dead and had dried up some. I was told to put them in a bucket of water from my tank to be sure if they are dead because many times they will start to breath and will recover...
  5. gene52569

    300 Gal - Which Sea Life Do You Recommend?

    I am new to salt water fish myself and can only recommend from my own mistakes. Be sure to research before you buy. Dont put a trigger or a puffer in a reef tank. They will eat almost anything they can get in thier mouth. I have seen my puffer suck up hermit crabs and try to crush thier shells...
  6. gene52569

    2 questions

    I am new to being a fish keeper, some things go right over my head. :D
  7. gene52569

    2 questions

    AS in squeeze a lime?????????
  8. gene52569

    eclipse systems

    I was thinking of putting eclipse hoods on my 2 saltwater tanks, complete with the eclipse filtration. Good idea or bad???? They work well for me for my freshwater tank, but not sure if it is recomended for saltwater. Comments??????????
  9. gene52569

    20g Mantis

    Nice pic. I have never seen a mantis in my tanks as of yet. If I ever do he (or she) will be free to a kind home for adoption.
  10. gene52569

    hippo tang

    I ordered a hippo tang from swf. Are they the same thing as an Regal tang? From what I see of a regal tang at my lfs is the huge price difference. My lfs of course told me buying a hippo was a bad idea, and that they stay small. Depending on size they wanted between 45 and 70 for one. I of...
  11. gene52569

    2 questions

    I got some ph increaser from my local fish store, a powder. Increased it to 8.2
  12. gene52569

    Grocery store seafood

    I buy unfrozen bags of mixed seafood , shrimp, squid, octopus, cuddle fish, etc. at Wal Mart. Been feeding my Snowflake eel and puffer this for 3 months. They still live. Buying $10.00 a week in live Ghost shrimp was just not the way to go. My fish never seemed happy with frozen Krill. I tried...
  13. gene52569

    Ammonia 4.0: URGENT!

    For a declorinator, I use Prime.
  14. gene52569

    Ammonia 4.0: URGENT!

    I would get some STRESS ZYME from walmart and dump some in. It has the germs that eat the ammonia. Safe for fresh and salt water. I have used it. Did you say you change out your bio-wheel? They are never spose to be replaced from what I have been told. Also I would get Aquamarine nitrate...
  15. gene52569

    $15 sand or $150 Aragonite

    I like sand myself. I have sand. 4 inches deep. Got it from the waters of Florida on the gulf side. $ FREE$ Nice white pretty sand :)
  16. gene52569

    snowflake morays with crustaceans

    Mine ate my sally lite foot crab and a blue reef damsal. But the damsal asked for it, he kept tail bashing the eel in the face and running around to the eel's rear and bitting him. :D
  17. gene52569

    does this mean i'm addicted???

    Yup same here. My wife says she would get more attention if she had fins. :D
  18. gene52569

    For preventing cyano on a DSB:

    I have 2 horseshoe crabs which keep my bed stirred. But I was recomeded against it by one of the members here. All I can say is my sand bed is clean and white. Don't know if the long term effects are good or bad. I will have to just wait and see. The Horseshoe crabs have been there for 3 months.
  19. gene52569

    Nitrate Remover

    I went out on low tide out to my chest. Had a 5 gallon bucket with a lid. Held my breath and went under, was not an easy task. Transferred the sand to a 60 Quart cooler and also added sea water. Ended up with a bonus of 1 very small jelly fish, which only lasted about two weeks in my tank. I...
  20. gene52569

    stocking a 30 gl?

    How big does a Snow Flake eel get????????