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  1. hunterdaddy

    Must Sell Everything Pa

    I am moving and must sell everything as I can take nothing with me. Anything that isn't sold will be thrown in the trash or flushed down the toilet or taken back to the store so make me an offer and you might get it. 1 foxface rabbit fish 1 gold banded maroon clown 1 6 line wrasse 1 LM blenny 1...
  2. hunterdaddy

    green trumpet corals erie PA

    I have 2 clumps of green trumpets I would like to trade. I live in erie pa but can ship anywhere. They are very fleshy and have been growing very nicely as of late. I don't get here much so send emails to
  3. hunterdaddy

    Erie Pa Tank 4 Sale

    I am selling my salt water aquarium. Aquarium goes to the highest bidder. I WILL NOT SELL IN PARTS WHOLE AQUARIUM MUST GO. I will deliver everything any distance with a .20 cent a mile charge paid in advance. Aquarium incluides. Bidding starts at 300$ Send me an email with you bid and I will...
  4. hunterdaddy

    mushroom question

    Has anyone ever actually put a mushroom in a blender then dumped it into their tank to spread spores? What if I were to cut one of my 4-6 inch across mushrooms in half and transplany the half? Would both halves grow into full shrooms?
  5. hunterdaddy

    My post deleted??

    I posted asking everyone to let people know what corals they have inadverently killed off. Why did it get erased??
  6. hunterdaddy


    I apologize if you thought I was trying to start an argument about sematics cause that wasn't my intent. I saw DVskin call you pastor. First ive seen anything about that but from your posts it looks like you are on the same page pretty much as I am. If you ever want to email me I always enjoy...
  7. hunterdaddy

    Dead Xenia???

    I have had this nice large xenia rock for about 2 weeks. It was doing very well up untill this morning. When my girlfriend turned on the lights this morning it was all shriveled up. Some stalks had turned from brown to purple/white and about 95% of the stalks "heads" were missing or very very...
  8. hunterdaddy

    Beth your corals?

    Did those colts ever recover? Ever find out what was wrong for sure with them?
  9. hunterdaddy

    coral dieing?

    Ok my trumpets have gone from bad to worse. Amonia nitrite nitrate are all 0 ph is 8.2 calcium is a little low but has been the same since I had the tank (about 350). The trumpets have a hard dead base. This base seems to be growing to take over the fleshy parts. They are starting to get...
  10. hunterdaddy


    Hey. My brothers and I own a landscaping business and we do install mini ponds. I would be glad to give you a hand free of charge. As for the critters. Where do you live? There are a number of ways to rid yourself of these. If you don't live in the city a .22 rifle will do the trick...
  11. hunterdaddy

    coral beauty and corals

    Anyone have experience with these bothering corals?
  12. hunterdaddy

    SWF order arrived

    I just received my first online order. I got: 20 blue legs 1 sally lightfoot 1 emerald crab 20 cerith snails 10 turbo snails 1 ricordia 1 mushroom 2 pepermint shrimp One of the shrimp arrived dead but everything else looks good. I will check the tank tomorrow fr any other deaths but with maybe...
  13. hunterdaddy

    Copper (How much is too Much)

    You people have me paranoid now. I don't use copper in my reef and have been able to keep snails and hermits (with only 3 exceptions) for short periods of time like say 2 months or so. I was under the impression that snails just don't live very long lives and that hermits are rather destructive...
  14. hunterdaddy

    Hardy long lived anenamoes??

    Sorry bout the spelling. I have heard these are pretty hard to keep. What is the hardiest and longest lived?
  15. hunterdaddy

    Supplements and food

    I am a novice when it comes to corals so someone pls enlighten me some. I ask my LFS alot of questions and he has never steered me wrong but I do respect some of what I hear on this board. I want to make sure my corals are as happy as can be. I am very good with the fish (just got "the touch")...
  16. hunterdaddy

    BETH SWF shipping ?

    How long does it take SWF to ship inverts? I am going to order and can be home any day but wednesday next week to receive package.
  17. hunterdaddy

    SWF shipping

    How many days does it take SWF to fill out an order and get it to you??
  18. hunterdaddy

    CBS aggressive?

    I can't keep other shrimps with a CBS??
  19. hunterdaddy

    Ot: Computer People Pls Read

    I can not see the u build it section of this web page. All I can use is the message boards. Also I can't play cards on yahoo because the game rooms won't load. I am assuming these problems might be connected. My puter is about 5 years old and as it is my dads it probably has never been upgraded...
  20. hunterdaddy

    55 gal new fish suggestions

    Ok then. I just tore down and reset up my tank in a new location. I got rid of my sunrise dottyback because I would rather keep shrimp and he did a number on em. I would like a new tank mate for my tanks current inhabitants and would like suggestions. I would like it to be a big fish but not...