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  1. scott t

    This is So Sad

    I was reading some local new as I do in the evenings on the weekends and came across this story that brought tears to my eyes. It is so senseless that others have to put down and ridicule others to the point that the feel they have no way out. Here is the article that I read: Jamey Rodemeyer, a...
  2. scott t

    The Ban has Ended and its about time.

    I do not know how many have read the headlines but there was a milestone today not only in the Homosexual community, but also in the USA Military. The ban on openly Homosexuals serving in the military has ended, and they can ask, and we can tell without the fear of being discharged. The fear...
  3. scott t

    MY Tank Build Diary!

    Well I figured since I have my tank now, almost everything that I need to set it up that I would start an Official Tank Build thread. Over the course of the next 2 weeks I will be adding stuff to this thread for everyone to see. I would like to first Thank all the people on here that have...
  4. scott t

    SWF boards just not the same!

    I would first like to Thank You for creating a place where people who share the Love of SWF to go to share their knowledge, experience, advice and help others who have questions. I joined the boards a little over a year ago because I was looking for a place that I could go to gain knowledge...
  5. scott t

    Choose my Stock list!!

    As many of you know I will be setting up a Reef tank soon, it will be a 75 Gal tank. I want help choosing my Stock list for it. I want input. There are some restrictions on this: 1.) These are the Fish that I am going to choose myself that will be in the tank, Yellow Eye Kole Tang, and 2...
  6. scott t

    Clean Up Crew For 55 gal

    I will have everything I need to set up my 55 gal tank in about 2 weeks, (Maybe even the Live Rock if not then the week after I should have it) I know that it will be a while before I will add the clean up crew but I want an idea of what I will need to put in it to start with when the tank is...
  7. scott t

    Turnover Rate for 55 Gal reef tank!!

    I am getting ready to Order more stuff for my 55 gal tank and have a turn over question!! What would be the Ideal Turnover rate for my tanks. Going to do a Sump with Refuge what would be a good turnover rate for this and also with power heads going to get to start 2 Koralia evolution 750's. So...
  8. scott t

    Question about Sump Tubing!!

    I was just wondering if anyone can tell me what is the best Tubing to use for Drain( to the Sump) and Return(to the tank) Can you use just plain Vinyl Tubing for both the Drain and Return. Thanks in advance for you advice. Scott
  9. scott t

    Pair Of Ocellaris and Pair of Clarkii Clowns in same tank?

    I was just looking at Clownfish and was reading that the tank-bred Ocellaris and Clarkii Clownfish can be housed in the Same tank if it is large enough and they are added at the same time. What would be a large enough Tank for you to have a pair of each in?? Does anyone know or has anyone tried...
  10. scott t

    Whitecheek Tang or Powder Brown Tang IN A 55 Gal Tank

    I was just talking to my Cousin who lives AL online and He was telling me that His Wife's sister has 2 55 gal reef tanks set up. In one 55 she has 2 clowns Ocellaris, Whitecheek tang (been in the tank for 5 years), Mandarin, a blenny of some kind, and assorted soft corals. Other 55 she has 2...
  11. scott t

    This is the Start of my Tank (This is what I have so Far)

    Attachment 244362Attachment 244363Attachment 244364Attachment 244365 The First pic is the 29 Gal Sump, the Second Pic is the 29 Gal QT tank, The Third is the API test kit and the 4th Pic is The 55 Gal Display. My Lights will be here next Friday or Saturday!!
  12. scott t

    Just some Questions about starting my 55 gal Reef tank!!!!

    55 Gal SWF Tank Tank 55 Gal (already have this) Nova Extreme 48“ lights (8 light fixture w/ lunar) 432 watts total (ordering this weekend) MarineLand Emperor 400 Filter (for now going to Up Grade to a HOB Wet/Dry with Refug and Skimmer built in this is it here. Ecosystems Pro Hang on back...
  13. scott t

    Well getting MY Tank today!

    Well its been almost a Year since I stated coming here to's Boards and doing Research and asking Questions, doing Research Else where also. I am going to Finally take the plunge and get my 55 gal tank (tank only for now) and then start getting other Pieces ( Lights, Filter, ECT.) I am...
  14. scott t

    Lighting for a 55 gal tank

    I was wondering what light would be good for a 55 gal reef tank. With fish, live sand, live rock and want to put some zoas, maybe brain coral, Bubble nem, and maybe a few Favites. i was wondering if maybe a 150 watt Metal Halide would work or maybe a 432 watt T5?? Any Suggestions on this...
  15. scott t

    14 gal tank with 2 Maroon Clowns and some Corals?

    I was wondering if this would be possible 14 gal tank with 2 Maroon Clowns and some Corals? They I think would be the only fish in there... I would leave them there and not put them in my 46 gal BowFront when i get it... Thanks!!
  16. scott t

    Lights for a 14 gal ?

    Until i save the money for MY 46 Gal bow Front which i hope to have in a few months. I am setting up a 14 gal (20X10X15) I was wondering if a 96W Coralife compact (50/50 Quad Tube that combines 10,000°K and True Actinic 03 blue phosphors 96 watts and 20" L x 7" W x 2-1/2" H.) would be enough for...
  17. scott t

    Question about Caibsea Live Sand?

    I was looking at Caribsea Agra-Alive live sand and it says not to wash this just to add it to the tank. Is this right can you add this right to your tanks with out washing it? Says its packed in real sea water, but from what i have read on here you should wash the live sand.. MY tank will be...
  18. scott t

    Malu and Sebae or Malu and BTA

    I was wondering i am just starting out in SWF and soon will be putting up my tank. (I know i should wait 6 months to add them) just was wondering if you could put a Malu in the same tank as a Sebae or a BTA?? It is going to be a 55 gal reef with live sand and live rock a few fish and corals and...
  19. scott t

    In Tank Refugium are they good for a 55 gal reef tank?

    I asked this in the New to the Hobby section and no one has answered it yet so thought maybe I would do better posting it here I am new to the hobby and looking to maybe set up a 55 gal reef tank with some a few Fish, Corals, a Clam or 2 and maybe a Few Anemones. Hey another question from the...
  20. scott t

    Are in Tank Refugium any good for 55 gal Tank??

    Hey another question from the Enthusiastic Noob (spanko's name for me in a Thread and I like it ) I was wondering when i get my reef tank set up?? Are they or would it be good or not??? Thanks(and now for the happy Banana Dance)