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  1. edwar050

    Idea for Mangrove holder needed

    I want to create something that will be able to hold the mandroves in my tank for removal. I have 30, ideally it would be adjustable to there growth where I could raise them up and down. I was going to make the base out of eggcrate and use gardeners tape on the bodies of the groves. Only...
  2. edwar050

    anybody have a flower anenome?

    To move a rock anemone you can use many things. I like using a credit card going slow while scooping underneath its foot. If you damage the foot there is a really high probability that it won't make it.
  3. edwar050

    120 Stocking List

    Corals include several zoo's, red mushrooms, leathers, brain, and slimer. Fish include valentini puffer, medium sized male bangaii cardinal, medium purple firefish, mandarin dragonet, Bi-color blenny, and small chromis. was thinking of adding: List 1 two female cardinals "Have no clue as to...
  4. edwar050

    2 Puffers?

    Yeah that porcupine puffer in with shrooms and xenia is impressive. Bet its pretty cool looking. Which puffer would you say is more aggressive towards inverts, your valentini or porcupine?
  5. edwar050

    2 Puffers?

    According to pocket book for marine fishes and the conseincsous "mis" marine aquariast valentini's should not be mixed, its not saying it cannot be done, just would do it in a very large tank. The blue spot and valentini may get along they may not. How aggressive is your valentini, does it eat...
  6. edwar050

    Will these guys get along?

    2nd that, puffers are really like dogs. Some are chows will eat any invertabrate, others like jack russels. Seems to me that even the same species are sometimes very different. Some have valentini devils, my valentini was actually picked on by my yellowtail damsel
  7. edwar050

    30 Long Aggressive Reef

    Moved everything into a 120 with 12 nano quarantine. Puffers doing well, shrimp in quarantine tank, would love to add cleaner shrimp to 120 but who knows.
  8. edwar050

    2 Puffers?

    My valentini came out of a tank " 20 gallon" with a three different puffers but none were sharpnose. I would not mix two toby sharpnose puffers togeather as I imagine they would clash. Also I am pretty sure valentini's are alot less aggressive than the hawain blue spot. Brad
  9. edwar050

    Saddle puffer and shrimp

    rberhow had about the same as me. I had four peppermint shrimps and a valentini for about a year in the same tank. I believe the valentini got two :( But overall thats not bad> I like rberhow insight as to putting the shrimps in first and would think a cleaner might stand a better shot with a...
  10. edwar050

    valentini puffer compatibility

    valentini puffer is not a great canidate for a really small tank. I would say mabye two clowns or any nano fish. The reason behind sharpnose "valentni" puffers and small tanks is that they require at least daily feeding "if not more" of shrip, squid, seaweed etc. This leads to somewhat poor...
  11. edwar050

    120 gallon... fish to put in it?

    valentini gets 4 possibly 5 inches but most have slow growth rate and stay pretty small. No advice on other puffers.
  12. edwar050

    Will these guys get along?

    You would be correct on the sea urchins "keep my valentini with four". You can also keep the less aggressive valentini's with snails and hermits though they will pick off one everyonce in a while. They are really hit and miss. I would only introduce a valentini to a couple of corals in a...
  13. edwar050

    want a puffer but i want coral to

    I have read mixed reports about keeping valentini puffers in the same tank. Some experts, "from what I've read" said it can be done while others say no. Most all are in agreement that its not a good idea to try. I imagine if both were somewhat docile and you were keeping both a male and...
  14. edwar050

    Size of Tank to Start With

    Its funny how everybody generall says start out with the largest tank you can afford. Most newcomers dont realize the overall costs of fowlr's let alone reef tanks. Just becasue you make 5 figures a year dosent mean you should start with a 300 gallon reef tank- I think you first need to decide...
  15. edwar050

    Did I get ripped off?

    the tampa rock is really nice. It comes with alot of stuff which is good and bad. There are alot of bad hitchickers in every load just about. There is also alot of die off on some of the harder to keep sponges. Other than that the stuff rocks due to ease of shipment via location and impact...
  16. edwar050

    valentini puffer compatibility

    It depends on the valentini. I believe you increase your chances on the age of the fish and ---. Males have blue lines and may be a bit more aggressive. I have a female and got her at a smaller size and feed her quite often. She is so docile I have even considered adding her to my 120 with...
  17. edwar050

    Lights for 120

    Yeah I like a sharp white punch myself
  18. edwar050

    Size of Tank to Start With

    A 120 is quite a bit for a beginner and I agree with XOXO. Some of the nicest stuff I have seen is DIY often costly but sometimes not. You can pick up some good used skimmers out there, got my aqua c ev for 100$. This is the same for MH lighting. DIY lighting kits are pretty nice but IMAO if...
  19. edwar050

    Valentini Puffer eats small fish???

    agreed with mitzel totally and I have had mine with my purple firefish.
  20. edwar050

    Pufferfish Questions

    Also, If you can get a valentini at young stage and hand feed frequently you can keep them in a reef tank. They also like seaweed in there diet and hard shrimp/shelled crustaceans for the teeth. There is a nice shot of one in a popular sw mag from last year. I have also kept one for nearly...