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  1. flower

    putting copepods and Micro algae in a refugium

    Hi, Macros are already loaded with yes you can. Microalgae is like slime, and is viewed with a microscope. MACROalgae is the larger plants, which I'm sure is what you want in your refugium.
  2. flower

    Blue chromis bite/attack the smaller one. Need advice

    Hi, Chromis kill each other off, it's what they do... small groups last longer, but eventually they start the death toll on each other anyway. I have tried everything to keep them as well, it always ends up with dead fish sooner or later.
  3. flower

    Starting my first saltwater tank, need help

    Hi, The smaller the tank, the harder to keep it stable. It costs the same amount of money to set up a 10g as it does a 30g.... Saltwater critters are a whole world of difference from freshwater fish. They are meaner than you can imagine... and most, even tiny SW fish need a 20g to 30g tank.
  4. flower

    Algae, ammonia, phosphates in fallow tank (halp!)

    Hi, By the time it's low you do a water change???? First, you shouldn't have a glass top on a SW tank, it messes with gas exchange. Saltwater has less oxygen then fresh, remove the lid, a power head aimed at the top to churn the water up and get the oxygen flowing should help your critters...
  5. flower

    Starting up!

    A quarantine tank will not only help to keep parasites and disease out of the display, it will also help you regulate how fast you add new critters. Indeed Good luck and enjoy the ride!
  6. flower

    At a loss

    I agree with Cyrus, my LFS did that for me. The other thing to consider is purchasing from this site that has a 14 day guarantee, at least then you could get another fish without a hitch when something like this happens. Two days... that's such a shame.
  7. flower

    Is my chile coral okay?

    Hi, Phosphates and nitrates are needed to feed the GHA, if you keep it under control, the GHA should go away completely. It does look much better.... Algae (not just GHA, but any algae, which is a natural thing in a reef) will choke it out and it won't be able to bloom, then it will starve. It...
  8. flower

    Is my chile coral okay?

    Hi... Chili coral needs really strong water flow to keep it free of algae. Also it needs to be under a ledge, or in an open ended cave with a nano power head directed at it, so water can flow over it. Completely out of the light. You have high phosphates and nitrates, test show the wrong...
  9. flower

    new to saltwater - 55g tank

    Hi, Healthy fish don't get stuck on power heads... Damsels are evil little fish, as a rule Clowns (they are in the same family) can usually hold their own, unless they are very small compared to the damsels. It's possible you have a bully or fish killing hitchhiker in your tank killing the...
  10. flower

    new to saltwater - 55g tank

    Hi, Damsels kill each other off...they are beautiful little demons. After a kill, the hermits, fish and the starfish will all have a feast, and if there is any bristle worms, they finish it up too. Just watch your tank for any ammonia spikes for a week, just to be sure.
  11. flower

    help please

    I never trusted the rock to be enough to kick start the cycle... Folks say it all the time so I'm sure it's possible. The only real way to see if you have a kick start for your cycle is to test for ammonia, if you get a spike, it's on its way.
  12. flower

    help please

    Hi, Welcome to the site! Nothing is going to happen as far as cycling until you add some form of ammonia. So having the tank up for 2 weeks didn't do anything. You will never be able to keep any kind of tang in a 60g tank. Most require 75g or larger, and 6 foot of swim space. There are lots of...
  13. flower

    which dottyback

    I loved my orchid dottyback, it never bothered anything in the tank. I also loved my royal gramma when I had it, (it was mean to the firefish, open mouth looking ugly). You may know this already...but just in case.... You must choose one or the other, they can't be in the same tank.
  14. flower


    Hi, Just some advice. When dealing with the local fish store (LFS). Always go into the store knowing what you want or need, don't get advice from them...for advice search on-line, read a book, or check here at this site. It's great to have a LFS close by, but it isn't smart to go asking them...
  15. flower

    Dry salt build up

    Salt-creep is kind of a way of life for us SW tank lovers. The more splash, the more salt buildup. You shouldn't have "bubbles" that pop when it hits the surface. A screen won't help either...LOL...tried that. Power heads churn the water to oxygenate it, this causes a little build up on the...
  16. flower

    What Seahorse?

    You will need a 30g or larger tank (tall column tank is best). No they won't hurt corals...however they like cooler waters. 74 degrees, so to keep a seahorse healthy you need a chiller. Always get a captive bred seahorse that is already eating frozen food. This site sells Erectus,
  17. flower

    Is white arogonite sand OK?

    Hi, Rays get huge fast... you won't be able to keep it long.
  18. flower

    Dry salt build up

    Hi, Salt-creep means you have splash, eliminate the splash and the salt-creep won't build up. You shouldn't cover a saltwater tank, it should be left open, as Imforbis said.
  19. flower


    LOL...Ideal levels for nitrate...0 Inverts can stand them as long as it's under 40 Some Corals no higher than 20... SPS has no tolerance Once your cycle is complete, remove the shrimp, and ghost feed an invisible fish for another week, just to be double sure...if the Nitrites and ammonia still...
  20. flower


    Hi, Welcome to the forum... This is a great place for learning all about keeping your Saltwater tank. Just a did you kick start your cycle? You need ammonia to get things moving along, the live rock isn't always enough. I used a chunk of raw shrimp, ghost feeding an invisible...