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  1. wrassecal

    Fish stocking/addition question

    I wouldn't add them all at once. If you just cycled you aren't ready to support the food needs of a blenny or a wrasse. How much live rock do you have int tank? The blenny is going to need a lot of algae to eat and the wrasse is going to need a lot of worms and pods. Your tank probably won't be...
  2. wrassecal

    Fourline and Sixline Wrasse

    There are a lot of things to consider. Wrasses stake out territory. How big is the tank? How established is the tank? How much grazing room on the live rock is in the tank? What other fish are in the tank? Wrasses are super cool fish. If it is at all questionable and it is in this case then why...
  3. wrassecal

    RBTA Question

    I would wait to feed it until its finds his spot and stretches for the light. (unless it's still on the move after a week). What ligting and size tank do you have it in?
  4. wrassecal

    Who is the greatest musician of all time?

    Originally Posted by reefraff No clapton without Hendrix? You might outta check your timeline on that one. Clapton was God before Jimi got experienced:D :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:
  5. wrassecal

    ICE - How much do I add ? I am having a nervous breakdown..

    I think your temp fluctuations are the worst of your problems although 89 is high! Fluctuating between 78 and 89 in 12 hours is a real problem. 85 is fine for a reef tank. Have you tried running your lighting period starting in the night to bring the temp up from the 78 and having the lights go...
  6. wrassecal

    help to much hair

    In my opinion, the move is part of the problem. No telling what you stirred up in the move. Possibly the sunlight also. I'd do about a 30% water change, RO, wait a week, do a 25%, wait a week do a 15%. Your tank should have stablized by then and you should of gotten rid of your problem. I think...
  7. wrassecal

    A ticked off teacher!

    The odd thing about this thread is the "generation gap". A lot of the parents of high schoolers these days were the ones supposedly protesting the VietNam war, burning flags and dodging the draft and refusing to say the pledge of allegience. Our parents and teachers told us we had no respect for...
  8. wrassecal

    Who's your favorite Comedian?

    My favorite is Eddie Izzard,yes, he's the British guy in drag. Very intelligent humor - love his history of the world and religion stuff. I also love Robin Williams and Steve Martin. Has anyone heard Robert Kline's colonoscopy song? It's hysterical.
  9. wrassecal

    Colt dying?Should I trash it?

    Here it is when it was doing great.
  10. wrassecal

    Colt dying?Should I trash it?

    Here is what my melted one looked like when I took it out. It had been about 8 inches tall and beautiful
  11. wrassecal

    New Zoanthids & Cleanup Crew

    FWIW I have an emerald and zoanthids, don't do hermits. My emerald will pick algae from between my polyps and they generally close up. I'm with smarls. I don't think it's the crab and I wouldn't take them out.
  12. wrassecal

    Colt dying?Should I trash it?

    I fit's closed up tight, I'd wait a few days. If it's a melting blob of goo I'd get it out. I had a beautiful one do that and I have yet to find out what the problem was.
  13. wrassecal

    New Zoanthids & Cleanup Crew

    The certihs are just doing their cleanup thing. Clean up critterslove new pieces in the tank. They won't hurt the zoanthids but, will clean around them.+ By the way, very nice zoanthids
  14. wrassecal

    Site Changes, What Do You Think

    :jumping: yippee! I'm back
  15. wrassecal

    Yikes!!! Another mistake!

    Do you test for ca, alk and ph? They all interact. There is some good info on this sight regarding the relationship between these three. Try a search. The very best way to quickly get chemistry back in line is to do a couple rather large (30%) quality water changes. I'd run some carbon too but...
  16. wrassecal

    hair algae

    Do you have new lighting or old bulbs that need to be changed out? - if so lighting can be part of the problem. If not, then an extended lighing period will only "add" to the existing problem. Proper lighting will not "cause" hair algae. 8 - 10 hours a day is fair for a tank. You only have a 24...
  17. wrassecal

    Yikes!!! Another mistake!

    Possibly not. Water changes. I'd get some RO/DI and do a 30% water change. Give it a week and do another one. You may not have time to aereate the first change but be sure it's temp is correct and it's well mixed to same sg with a powerhead. Get your second water change ready a couple days ahead...
  18. wrassecal

    hair algae

    The emerald crab will get along fine but, it may or may not eat hair algae. Mine never did. You need to stop feeding the algae, get rid of the phosphates. Try a phosphate/silicate sponge (follow directions carefully) and do 20-25% water changes every couple of weeks. Use RO/DI water and scrub...
  19. wrassecal

    Post your favorite pet pics

    Originally posted by spacemonkey This is my Airedale, Capone, when he was a pup. Spacemonkey, I've got an airdale too. I don't hear of or see many of them. Mine is 7 years old and his name is Winston. He is AWESOME:D
  20. wrassecal


    knots - if someone asked me to prove that everything I did was done because that was Jamie's wish there is NO WAY I could prove it. On many of the issues I could only say because she told me and hope the Doctor and the Priest backed me up on the parts they knew about. I have no way to know for...