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  1. fish addict

    anyone from Nebraska???

    I'm from Geneva NE. About 20 min from York and around an hour from Lincoln.
  2. fish addict

    Thoughts on buying a light off of eb*y?

    I got a light off ---- and I am happy with it. I just can't justify spending 500 for a light you know? I put a pheonix bulb in it recently probably 2 or 3 months ago and it has been doing just fine. I think it is from hombby but I am not sure.
  3. fish addict

    LARGE Plywood Tank Build

    I totally know what you mean about picky about fish! I really like bannerfish (Heniochus acuminatus) which are unfortunately too big and active for my tank but I don't think they are totally invert safe so that might count them out. Another really cool fish is the possum wrasse (I like it but...
  4. fish addict

    Red Slime Algae

    maybe they thought you were think about using a chemical something to get rid of it? just misread I guess...
  5. fish addict

    Red Slime Algae

    I had black slime algae and I fixed it by getting a few more snails, increased flow, and water changes. It went away pretty fast. EDIT: I just realized I said pretty much the same exact thing as Kevin34!
  6. fish addict

    Red Slime Algae

    I had black slime algae and I fixed it by getting a few more snails, increased flow, and water changes. It went away pretty fast.
  7. fish addict

    A good 10 dollar frag

    Sometime I really wish I lived somewhere else. I mean $10 for a frogspawn? I paid 25 for one exactly the same size! Oh well that just means Ill get more for frags right? just got to look at the bright side! How many heads is it now? Looks like it grew pretty fast!
  8. fish addict

    Got New lights, but???

    Usually people turn their compact fluorescent bulbs on about an hour before they turn on their metal halide bulbs and keep them on during the day then turn them off about an hour after the metal halides go off. I don't use my compact fluorescents because I have a 14000K bulb and don't like the...
  9. fish addict

    established 55g want to re-aquascpae

    Well brown dust sounds like diatoms but you'll probably want some one else to confirm that. If you want to take the time to redo your rocks I say go for it! But in my opinion I would do something a little more creative than the traditional "pile of rocks" unless you like that better which is...
  10. fish addict

    picasso clown breeding

    This is what it says on the description of picassos on this site "Extremely rare and sought after fish from ORA. Bred from a single mating pair."
  11. fish addict

    Black and White Percula Babies 4 sale or Trade

    they arent priced as well as these but you could order them from here. They are the same exact thing ans swf ships! :D
  12. fish addict

    Dah-nah's Saltwater Journal

    I don't see any problems with adding a clean up crew now but remember if you ever treat the tank with copper for ich, chemicals, or lower the salinity a lot then they will have to be moved because they can't survive the same things fish can. Also I think it would be a good idea to put a small...
  13. fish addict

    Azfishgal New Tank Diary!

    only the things left by those who hustle! sorry couldn't resist
  14. fish addict


    I highly doubt he could post pictures of ALL his corals because I think he has quite a few! But it would be cool to see some of his pictures because I'm pretty sure he has some awesome stuff.
  15. fish addict

    240g in wall shallow reef build

    Ya the aquascaping looks pretty sweet to me! Those rics are really pretty too! As far as tangs go I recommend a sailfin, they are one of my personal favorites. Are you thinking about getting any wrasses? There are quite a few that are very cool and can add a lot of color to the tank. Looks...
  16. fish addict

    Aquarium of the Pacific

    Originally Posted by 05xrunner LOL..da hell are you talking about cyber stalking..I HARDLY ever post in your threads. since you seem to make a new one everyday with a pic you have taken. Like I said having a fit over something the public does in a public place right or wrong is just dumb to get...
  17. fish addict

    Black Mold

    Most tanks are prone to algae outbreaks every once in a while, some of the best ways to prevent/end an algae outbreak is to have a good clean up crew, and use reverse osmosis water for water changes. Even though you are using a water conditioner there could be something in your tap water...
  18. fish addict

    Halo's 28JbJ Reef/Invert Nano Diary

    Your tank plan looks awesome! All those shrimps in there will be sweet! Just a quick question though, how are you going to feed the harlequins? I want one but I don't want to buy a starfish every week to keep him satisfied. I can't wait till the tank is up and running! so exciting!
  19. fish addict

    My sexy shrimp died in 4-5 hours! Why??

    Maybe didn't add enough of your own tank water to make the water in your tank and the acclimation tub the same.
  20. fish addict

    Coral Keepers 8 gall bio cube reef tank diary.

    That blue shroom is AWESOME!! I have been searching for them for like years (not literally)! Nice tank too, also LOVE the sexay shrimp I really want one of those too. Remember me in a few months when you frag that shroom! ~fish addict