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  1. fishfreek

    Green polyp leather dying?

    Can you post a pic? Leathers are generally very hearty and can take alot of abuse. How long has it been in your tank?
  2. fishfreek

    IBEW41 75g rebuild

    Looks great!!!!! Exactly what light scheam are you using?? t-5?
  3. fishfreek

    my 75G update

    I have the same fish in my 75g. Very nice!
  4. fishfreek

    $200 Protein skimmer. Help

    I got mine at Aquacave. Its the Reef Octopus BH 300F, $199 right now w/ free ship. HTH
  5. fishfreek

    $200 Protein skimmer. Help

    I use the octopus BH300F on my 75g and paid like $175 a few months ago for it. For a hang on, its a real beast! I believe it is rated for a 135g but it my work for you if your bioload is not real heavy. I highly recommend this skimmer if you are not looking for a sump model.
  6. fishfreek

    Skimmer poll

    I use the octo BH300f on my 75 and it is awesome! I really like the whole line Octopus offers.
  7. fishfreek

    troble keeping tangs

    +1 Flower! I follow the same regimen in my tank and it seems to work for me as well.
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    Tek light problem, please help!

    Are there any loose wires in the hood you can see? Maybe one wire to the two bulbs in question has a short, also check the end cap connections. I'd start in those areas first.
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    My 90g reef

    Very nice mixed reef!!! All your fish and corals look very healthy!!
  10. fishfreek

    T-5 Bulbs

    I agree with going with reefgeek. Great customer service and price!
  11. fishfreek

    4x54w t5 combo?

    Well, its time to change t5 bulbs again and was wondering what the current best four bulb combo is. I use 3- Blueplus and 1-aquasun . I like the look but i'm thinkng there is a better choice. I'm thinking of trying: blueplus ULV 75/25 aquablue blueplus or blueplus ULV actinic white aquablue...
  12. fishfreek

    Baking Soda as Ph Buffer?

    Originally Posted by Bang Guy I would caution on exclusive use of the Borate buffers by Seachem. Corals cannot use Borate when building skeleton so if the Borate level gets high enough that it replaces Carbonate then corals will stop growing. Bang...what do you suggest using for buffer?
  13. fishfreek

    New Fuzzy Dawrf Lionfish.....

    Very cool!! I have only seen one other like that in person. I didn't know they changed color, thought there as a type that was naturally colored that way.....maybe not. Either way, very nice fish indeed!
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    50 Gallon Stocking List

    Sounds good to me!
  15. fishfreek

    bleaching..too much white light???

    What kind of corals do you keep?? I think six bulbs are great for sps and some lps. The bulb selection you listed is mostly of higher par bulbs. You may want to go with a four bulb configuration as to not melt softies or at least go to two actinic bulbs in your six bulb configuration, that will...
  16. fishfreek


    I've ran one on my 38g reef and it was ok. But a better suggestion for about the same cost is the Octopus BH-100 or BH 1000. It looks alot like the Bakpak, but is rated for up to 90g and is supposed to kick butt! I'm ordering a BH-1000 next week.
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    bathroom vanity for a tank stand

    Sure, it will work fine. I work at a cabinet shop and i used a 30" vanity for a tank stand for my 29g. If you want to use one i suggest cutting off the toe kick section to give the cabinet more serfice area to sit on and lower it a bit. You could also put a wood top on it or just fashon some...
  18. fishfreek

    chip in corner of tank, need suggestions!!

    Thanks for the responses! The chips don't go all the way through, they go about 1/2 way. It was suggested to me to dremel the sharp edges and fill the chips with epoxy(flush). Than go over the corner with two 3" wide pieces of 1/4" thick glass running from top to bottom secured with silicone...
  19. fishfreek

    chip in corner of tank, need suggestions!!

    I have a delama!!!!! I was repairing the cracked rim on my 75g tank with super glue in the driveway with two bar clamps to draw the cracked rim tight. Unfortunately, my nine year old daughter was playing basketball about thirty feet away and the ball got away on her and hit the top bar clamp, it...
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    ??on lights

    Should work fine for those. Good luck!