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  1. reefman22

    Tearing the tank down...

    So, unfortunately I'll be leaving for college at the end of this summer and will be taking the tank apart. It's very sad but I'm keeping all the 'hardware' so I can set it up again after. So my lfs will take all my fish and corals but not the live rock or live sand. I know they took the...
  2. reefman22

    The MOst awsomest tank build ever

    Haha I just read through this whole post and went on a rollercoaster of emotions from laughing, to confused, to happy, to "wow...really?", to kinda angry, to happy again, to "this is rediculous", and finally a home-stretch of happiness lol (and no, those arent corresponding to certain messages...
  3. reefman22

    55 Gallon Stocklist.(need 1 more fish)

    you couldn't put in any tangs but you could probly get away with a dwarf angel. ive only heard of them picking on corals, not anemones. or maybe some other small, aggressive fish. reefman
  4. reefman22

    I'm getting a 750 gal...need ideas!

    PICS! PICS! PICS! where are they? This tank makes me sad when I go downstairs and look at my 55 gallon. Yours is like....10 of mine....I'll just act like yours is mine and look at my computer all night. Reefman
  5. reefman22

    Feeding my box fish

    very nice. i would love a boxfish. awesome how he eats right out of your hand too! Reefman
  6. reefman22

    Film on water

    haha yea you'd probably have to use a bucket.......actually that might work....naww you probably have alot of rock haha. just typing as i think. sorry I'm not more help :/ Reefman
  7. reefman22

    Film on water

    I have never heard of newspaper but it seems logical and may be worth a shot. What I have heard and do, and it works pretty well, is that you take a plastic dixie cup (or other wide-rimmed cup) and set it bottom down in the water and pull it down till it's just a TINY bit under the water and all...
  8. reefman22

    DIY Rock

    I know you said you'd want to hear responses from people who actually had made rock, but I'm sorry to say that I havent yet. However, to make a rock more porous, I heard in another thread on here that mixing in plastic shavings helped and tiny styrofoam balls may do also. As long as you dont mix...
  9. reefman22


    I've found another sale of copepods and amphipods thats recommended by SWF'ers on the auction site. It is where I will purchase mine momentarily. the price is much cheaper than other sites. If you cannot find what I am speaking about and are interested, PM me. reefman
  10. reefman22


    are arcti-pods or trigger pods live in package? Sorry to hi-jack this thread!! reefman
  11. reefman22


    In a new tank, if you have the lights on for multiple hours a day, it is common to see algae blooms. If you want to cut back on the algae build up, you can cut the hours your lights are on to under 8. That will keep it in check at least while the tank is still young. reefman
  12. reefman22


    kinda feel like a moron here but what is that bottled copes called? I'm hatching my own copepods with bio-genesis. reefman
  13. reefman22

    What to do next??

    You are basically starting up a mini re-cycle for your tank by taking out the established bacteria and adding new bacteria (as well as all the water) you will likely see spikes in nitrite, nitrate, and/or ammonia. I would stronly advise not adding any livestock until all of these levels return...
  14. reefman22

    BIGGEST mistake you've made in the hobby

    Thinking a "saltwater aquarium" meant "little piece of ocean" and going out to the beach at low tide and bringing home LOTS of little snail and crabs and Sergeant Major Damsels.....and seaweed....yep, im a moron. reefman
  15. reefman22

    New 75Gal

    nice looking tank. have you considered a background? im lovin the cactus on top haha a fishtank in a desert, eh? reefman
  16. reefman22

    My new 55 gallon reef tank

    wow so the tank is going to have: (2)54 watt t5s (1)28 watt t5 (4)65 watt t5s? thats alot of bulbs on top of a 55. arent 55gs only like 14" across? that wattage will be plenty for most corals but when it comes time to change bulbs, it will be a hefty chunk of change. JMO the 20L sump will be...
  17. reefman22

    My new 55 gallon reef tank

    if you want to do a reef, be sure to look around on here for lighting requirements because it is a very important aspect to consider when setting up a reef tank. I also agree with #3. Set up a nice wet/dry if you can. it will pay off in the long run. reefman
  18. reefman22

    Need help on building my tank

    When you say 'plexiglass' you would probably need to instead do acrylic (i dont know the differences, I just know thats what its better known by in this hobby) and the pros of acrylic are that it can be used to build custom tanks much easier than glass and it is not hard to come by. the cons...
  19. reefman22

    New Stuff

    Wow it sounds like a nice light setup. What other corals do you have? Jeez with a 225, you could pack that thing with corals. Jealousss reefman
  20. reefman22

    My new 55 gallon reef tank

    Very nice. So tell us about it. What kind of filtration will you have? and lights for the corals? are you going to keep it bare bottom or put a substrate? It seems I'm about as excited for the new tank as you haha (probly because I have a 55 reef of my own) reefman