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  1. bdhutier

    Anyone join the Air Force to go to college?

    Originally Posted by Sooner_Reefer Wouldn't the Armed Forces send you to college in the states and give you training in the states before depolying you to a position where you'd apply the training and education you got at college? No way. When you enlist, you will be working the entry level...
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    Originally Posted by Scotts First of all I hope you are doing OK today. You have been having a rough time lately. Second, can you clear out your PM box? Ah, the life of a mod... 15,000 ppl asking you stupid questions and complaining. Then ppl with valid PM's can't get through. I'm a bit...
  3. bdhutier

    baby help

    We have found, after our own un-scientific 7-child study (and observations of friends with various parenting styles), that children who are left to "cry it out" are far more likely to become insecure and dependent as they grow older. Our first few were cry it outs (we didn't know any better)...
  4. bdhutier

    Eye opening experience for new parent

    I didn't read all the posts, reno, but I'd say reconsider. I'm not sure where the mentality originated where kids have to be doing calculus by age 7 or they'll be failures comes from, but I don't buy it. Before "school age," your kiddo will benefit far more from a loving home, and will have...
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    How good can high school athletes be?

    He does something far more important, I believe...
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    Animated avitars? No longer allowed?

    So, any particular reason for the no-gif's rule?
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    Momma said

    She used to say that Republicans are *insert word that starts with "B" and rhymes with "Astards."* Come to find out I was adopted, with an unknown bio-father. 100% True.
  8. bdhutier

    lump on the garage

    Freaky, dude! We love turtles, and have a bunch of them around here with all the livestock ponds. Mainly various sliders. It's a bummer to see them hit on the road so much...
  9. bdhutier

    fisher price bouncer

    Geeze-o-pete, look @ them eyes. GL when he's in high school!! I also see you've got yourself an "Army Guy" too. Here's my third son (#5 of the 7 kiddos) the day I brought home a set of ACU's for him.
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    BEER drinkers unite!!!

    Originally Posted by renogaw Save anheuser busch!!! The day AB puts out a beer that's not total garbage, I'll jump on this bandwagon.
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    kid pics

    I'll see what I have. Stand by for further...
  12. bdhutier

    fisher price bouncer

    Man card is safe, regarding childrens' items... Can't help with the songs, though. ETA: Safe as long as they're YOUR kids' items!! E.G. Single guy asking about beanie-babies = FAIL.
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    Click Here...

    Camfish, you might need this...
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    Click Here...

    Dirka dirka...
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    I love everybody!!!
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    oh yes the humidity strikes

    How about this... Journey can relate right about now. As I recall, I took this about 0730am. It was when my Flight Chief and I got back from breakfast (well, lunch to us, we worked 2330-1130).
  17. bdhutier

    nickname for Camp help?

    Originally Posted by camfish This isn't a joke, so don't waste my time Awww... I was going to say "Nudi (branc)!!" Seriously, I would personally go with "Skunk," like Tizzo said. The kids will really get a kick out of it, and it'd be something funny to look back on.
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    Originally Posted by SpiderWoman I'm actually going to stay quiet Whew!! Good thing you are... they might confiscate your man-card too!! ...
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    You know you're a pyro when

    Here you go... Actually, never mind my grenade recipe... maybe not such a good idea!!
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    Originally Posted by EL GUAPO He will have to go find his card , there isn't a pocket in his appron for him to keep it in . Did you check his purse? Originally Posted by nwdyr WOW... I had no idea how many insecure men there are here So if you like cleaning your house you are ????? less of...