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  1. deejeff442

    Saltwater Ink?

    Yea the cheap artists are the ones who pick a pattern out of a book .just put it on you and color it in.custom stuff like that is alot more and you really need to get references.i need to find someone to finish mine.the guy doing it moved out of far that cover up looks great.i was...
  2. deejeff442

    Saltwater Ink?

    Man I havnt been here in a long time.i have a tatoo on my arm of corals and fish which I still havnt finished.i have pics on here fron an old post.maybe do a search.i need to finish it someday.i look different now.i have been getting back to the gym .put on almost 30 pounds of muscle in the last...
  3. deejeff442

    Let's talk about you...

    well here is my story born and raised in buffalo ny;moved to fort worth at 30 and now 44.never liked the cold and snow i own a small stamped and staining concrete business my hobbies of course,volunteer fireman,play piano a bit,and am a gym rat now my animals here on the farm; 5...
  4. deejeff442

    New Years resolutions. Got them?

    i always hear people want to lose weight.every new year the gym has more people.then after febuary you dont see them resolution is to put on 30 pounds of muscle by april.i quit drinking beer and eat 5-6 times a day.i put on 13 pounds already since october.on my way.
  5. deejeff442

    Why does my refugium water evaporate so fast.

    i agree 5 gallons on a 90 is alot. i lost 5 gallons every 2-3 days on my 250 but not my 90.maybe 2 gallons.but if you have alot of turn over and flow it might.really if nothing outside the systen(carpet-tile) isnt wet then yes its evaporating. alot of flow on and tank and surface area will make...
  6. deejeff442

    new 75 g aquarium

    some types of fish tollerate alot more than others.thats why some people(idiots) cycle with damsels and clowns
  7. deejeff442

    new 75 g aquarium

    my guess is they were dying,got weak and then got sucked into the need to let the system cycle already
  8. deejeff442

    new 75 g aquarium

    for one you dont have to always introduce tangs at the same time. if you add a bigger tang to a smaller one later it works out let me get this said you bought already cycled water? so its ok to put fish in?
  9. deejeff442

    Thoughts on a predator tank.

    i never understood why people want sharks.for one they dont swim around all day like you think.mostly they just lay around.kinda boring.the skin on them is soft prone to cuts and infections.not to try and talk you out of it but ....also i wouldnt even try one with out the tank being 8 foot...
  10. deejeff442

    Majestic Angel in 75 Gallon

    i say heck no i will be very aggressive at the least
  11. deejeff442

    Aquarium stand

    i have a grand i think the wheels are for show .for one the legs arent sturdy really to push it around .plus it aint full of water to splash around
  12. deejeff442

    New aquascaping - 8 week old tank.

    looks nice. in my sumps i always add a bunch of rock rubble in the return pump chamber .it breeds pods great .the parts you circled look like sponge good deal on that
  13. deejeff442

    I Love New Snow

    no he was trying to melt the 4 inches of snow/ice under the pipe coming out of the ground to my shop froze.its only exposed 1 took my propane turbo heater 20 minutes to melt a foot wide spot.he must have been there all day without a shovel.
  14. deejeff442

    I Love New Snow

    you dont need a snow shovel.i used a spade shovel to dig mine out.everyone has at least one shovel
  15. deejeff442

    I Love New Snow

    funny watching these texans deal with this stuff.i saw a guy out at his front gate yesterday with a propane tank with a torch on it trying to melt the snow so the gate would swing open.the snow/ice was 4 inches tall.guess he never heard of a shovel
  16. deejeff442

    I Love New Snow

    i drove to the gas station an hour ago.the streets are solid ice. i saw 6 cars in ditches within 3 miles.why do people with little cars think they can drive in this stuff?i grew up driving in this stuff and even i know not to go anywhere if you dont have to.
  17. deejeff442

    Lost Niger Trigger in Tank, when cleaning

    they sell a 2 part epoxy puddy .it works great it dries under water and hardens it dont hurt the water at all.i use it to place corals.i had a blue throat trigger that would hide for days in the rock.sometimes they hide very good. i have moved rock around plenty of times without a problem.but i...
  18. deejeff442

    Afraid to put in coral or anemone mushroom etc

    i bought a 6 foot mh 3 250watters with compacts on ebay for $ lasted 4 years.not the best but it worked.just saying
  19. deejeff442

    Scuba Diving Gear Package Reviews

    go away dirtbag
  20. deejeff442

    Tested Nitrates from store???

    people want perfect water quality i understand .myself it takes too much work to achieve.myself as long as ammonia and nitrites are zero i dont worry. imo 40-60 nitrates is fine .you will drive yourself nuts trying to get it under 10