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  1. tony detroit

    Good Temp Controller?

    Get a Ranco. Super reliable. And can turn on heaters or fans. Or both. Very accurate, and last forever.
  2. tony detroit

    H&S Protein Skimmer

    I've had mine about 3 years now. Got one when they first started really moving some volume in the states. It is a great skimmer, but for the money you can get about the same thing for quite a bit cheaper. I have an A200-2x-2001
  3. tony detroit

    I don't want to grow up . . .

    ScubaDoo, I love that Lincoln. What do you figure those are worth today?
  4. tony detroit

    I don't want to grow up . . .

    Tangman, Nice new wheels. Get the 600 on the track. It's easier than you think. Haven't talked with you in a while. Hope all is well. tony
  5. tony detroit

    Need help w/ my Cali Ray

    I had mine close to 2 years running mid 70's. Probably 74ish most of the time. Looking back on it, there's a lot of coldwater stuff you can keep at warmer temps, but it isn't that great for the animals. Have you thought about putting a fan on your sump/pond, etc.? You can drop 5 degrees off...
  6. tony detroit

    Shark pond construction pictures

    AC- It is nice to see you going along with a shark pond. I will be following this thread, as I'm looking at doing one soon myself. Best wishes to you with the construction. I haven't talked to NOVICE in a while have you?
  7. tony detroit

    LFS and profit margins

    I'll tell you guys the same thing I tell people about our business when they complain about pricing. "The water's nice, come on in." If you think the stores are making so much money, go ahead and open one up. After all, you'll be making a ton of money....... Have you considered a guy making...
  8. tony detroit

    Need Check Valve

    Listen to Squidd.. I've had a couple check valves fail For one they restrict your pump and two they fail left and right.
  9. tony detroit

    MH light question.. 14000K 20000K?

    Originally Posted by SaltFan Ok, Mr. Expert. Turn your lights off all day and see how your Corals grown then. Then when they are all dead, don't come whining to me that your water quality was perfect, and can't figure out why all your corals died. And also, if 6700k is the sun at high noon...
  10. tony detroit

    MH light question.. 14000K 20000K?

    Originally Posted by SaltFan Umm HUH?? If he has the reef going, and had no lights, water quality would mean absoultely nothing.... 14k is a very good light. Beats the 10k and not many are high on the 20k. I don't know what you're talking about. I've used every spectrum of bulb and have...
  11. tony detroit

    UV Sterilizer question

    Just a heads up guys, I've read several reports of Turbo Twists catching fire. Might want to try a different brand.
  12. tony detroit

    MH light question.. 14000K 20000K?

    Add actinics or run 20's. 14's aren't enough blue by themselves usually unless you get one of the bluer bulbs. Growth is in the water quality, not the lights. Get your water quality straight, then go deciding on lights.
  13. tony detroit

    UV sterilizers worth it

    Anybody in the hobby long enough knows it is worth it.
  14. tony detroit


    Sean, I saw a while back you were in the market for a Sohal. I've been looking for a home for mine for a while, and would certainly like to see him in a tank as large as yours. I'll warn you now, he's very territorial which I'm sure you know already . Anywho, he's about 7'' tip to tip, maybe...
  15. tony detroit

    new fish wobbegong

    They used to be in the middle room, the tub with the screening up around it. They're really wide, but not that long.
  16. tony detroit

    UGLY as all - plumbing help needed

    You slow the water coming out of the powerhead. The energy used to turn the hydor is the energy from the flowing water. This cuts flow. Very simple.
  17. tony detroit

    new fish wobbegong

    Tropicorium in town here had two that were about 10'' about 2 years ago. It is probably 8'' wide now and close to 2 1/2-3' long.
  18. tony detroit

    new fish wobbegong

    They get big fast. Just a heads up.
  19. tony detroit

    do i need a hob?

    you can find skimmers, like a prizm. I'd still run the filter pad though and change it every 2 weeks at the latest.