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  1. dburr

    brown covering algea

    Sounds like dead diatom shells. Could be related. Sounds like to me your MH are running longer than needed and adding the extra nutrients to the tank is feeding them. I run my MH 7 hours a day on the SPS tank and only use NO atinics for 12. I don't add any other "coral vitamins" other than the...
  2. dburr

    t.crocea wont open. HELP ALL

    How big is this clam? Is it on the small side and need to be fed? If it has not been moving, sorry about your loss. Stable enviroment is the key. Moving and chasing numbers all over is not the right way to save a clam. Calcium can and will lower itself by doing nothing, not adding calcium is the...
  3. dburr

    Birdsnest difficulties

    FLOW. It is so hard to keep the inner branches from turning white.
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    try this
  5. dburr

    6 pack. i love pics!

    Originally Posted by skirrby bump.. wow this board dont seem to get much responces on things no more. That's a nice blue shirt your girl is wearing!
  6. dburr

    the starfish strikes again!!!

    My serpant ate 2 of my fish, down in the sump it went. It's a brown common one if you need to know. It may be my fault, I should have spot fed it more than I was. It is strange how I know it was the serpant and not anything else. It always stayed on the left of the tank and it moved to the...
  7. dburr

    Why did my urchin die so fast??

    I def agree with Bang. I have one in my sump, it's about 2 years i've had it and haven't fed it yet. :scared:
  8. dburr

    too much water movement?

    Originally Posted by marinenut wow, I didn't think that it might be too low! My return is a mag drive 7 at 700gph, and the Rio 600. I'm not having any problems right now. I can't imagine running double the water flow in this 90! It seems like the corals would just blow right over, and the...
  9. dburr

    algae eating reef fish

    Foxface is a tang? Sinse when? It's a rabbitfish.
  10. dburr

    Going to larger tank cycle question

    You are wrong to worry. Top 1/2" is all and it will speed up the cycle 10 fold.
  11. dburr

    pH monitor in sump or in tank?

    No difference, you can't see it in the sump so it's "out of sight". That's where I would put it.
  12. dburr

    algae eating reef fish

  13. dburr

    Going to larger tank cycle question

    Originally Posted by tifosi I currently have a 55 with 75lb rock and 55lb sand. I will be upgrading to a 75 in the livingroom. My question is once it is setup should I put some of the live rock in it to speed up the cycling process?? I would also like to move some of the sand too but I am...
  14. dburr

    Is 82 too hot?

    Originally Posted by alyssia Mine has been 8.5 for 7 months with no probs. You must have a BIG chiller. LOL :hilarious 82 is fine.
  15. dburr

    Can I Still Save This Coral?

    Never too much light. I would put it back where it was and cross your fingers, ASAP.
  16. dburr

    Foxface stocking Q??

    I have mine in a 90 with a clown, tang, 6 line and a flame. It eats lots of algae. I think your good.
  17. dburr

    good or bad snails please id w pic

    They look like nassarius to me. Good and they eat dead fish. They are good.
  18. dburr

    What is killing my reef?!?!!

    Didn't understand your train of thought on ophiura question on the whole xenia thing. But, if the xenia started to melt first, it released a whole lot of junk back in the tank and all the rest of the corals went down down with the ship. I don't mean to be redundant if that is what you meant...
  19. dburr

    really could use some advise.

    How long is the 150? 6 foot?
  20. dburr

    UGLY as all - plumbing help needed

    Yeah, OK, your reducing flow by 50%. But your not wasting the electricity. And when it's on, you get the full force not a cut back flow. How far does the flow come out of them? A few inches? Maybe a foot? My tank is 4 feet long, I need random flow in the middle and the ends. Just saying, yes...