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    Happy 2012 to old friends!!! (Wow Meowz has 35k posts!!! haha lol)
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    So, New tank......

    WHOA! I can't believe you got a new tank!! It looks terrific as always oneradtek!!!! I still wish I had your tank!
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    "True Grit" is beyond good

    Went to see True Grit before Christmas and was amazed! This is a pretty awesome movie coming from me (someone that doesn't live and breathe westerns {Obviously I have seen the Good, Bad, & ugly and Josey Wales} ). All in all, I thought Bridges and Steinfeld had a great performance. Today went to...
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    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year!!!!!!! :) (Yeah I know nobody remembers
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    my 435 gallon tank in wall see through upgrade

    Have not ben on here in awhile but the tank is looking great!!!
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    Should Flower Ditch the Wave?

    Originally Posted by spanko ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
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    Originally Posted by Darthtang AW Darth (these are the women raising our children) Tang
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    Originally Posted by meowzer The Association of Professional Animal Waste Specialists says Wilson is the first person in his profession to find and report money in dog poop. Great accomplishment!!! (Why did they need to add that?)
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    Let The Contest Begin

    Originally Posted by meowzer I think there should be a different way of entering the pics though.....I remember one time SWF did a contest....there was a specific page for the pics.....and then the you went to the pic page, and saw all the entries at one time..... maybe SWF can...
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    Let The Contest Begin

    Originally Posted by Speg I think you're going to need to actually say which post you vote for. i.e. this is post #30 (it says on the top right of each posting). Should make it easier for mrdc rather than saying which number photo. My mistake I meant to type #19.
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    Let The Contest Begin

    I vote for post #19! I like the way some of the tentacles are in focus and some are not! Can't wait to get a picture up!
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    Series Finale 8-10PM Monday Night May 24th 2010 So sad the series is ending wish is was still going. I thought the ending was spectacular. (I think there is supposed to be a movie) Please no comments bashing the series. Please keep them to youself. Die hard fans what did you think of the ending...
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    Nissan new 29 bio cube Diary

    Looking Good Nissan!
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    I Just Hafta Share

    Originally Posted by meowzer ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
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    Something on the Live Rock

    What are these white clumps on the rock? Can anyone help? I was thinking waste but I have enough flow to where it would not be able to land. Couldn't get very good pictures but, hope Someone can help.
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    The move..... from planning to completion.

    The fruit/vegetable trees sound great! Hope everything goes smooth! I bet that is going to be one tiring and stressful day. Hope everything makes it and remains healthy.
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    my 435 gallon tank in wall see through upgrade

    Wow Bullitr! Nice makeover! The tank looks great!! What's funny is that your Qt is 300 gallons!
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    my 2 zoa racks. pics taken on 4/1/10

    Nice collection! They are looking great!
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    Spanko's bio cube, what in Posiden's name is he up to now?

    Looking really great Henry! That chalice is very nice!
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    Salt of choice?

    First link.... Page One... It is a really good guide but can't make a direct link...