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  1. sweetdawn

    Ideas for 30 gallon?

    in my 29 gallon i have a pink skunk clownfish a bangia cardinal and seahorses. also clams and pulsing xenias and lots of cleanup crew. seahorses are so fun to watch they kinda dance back and forth in the tank
  2. sweetdawn

    New tank cycling problems...

    i never noticed a bad smell with my tanks. i bought cured live rock though. your idea will probably work
  3. sweetdawn

    Heres some Mandrian Pic's... Enjoy!

    pretty fish
  4. sweetdawn

    pulsing xenia

    sry they do not ship well. i do sometimes give some away to people who are local to me. just threw away six yesterday when i was doing some tank cleaning
  5. sweetdawn

    pulsing xenia

    very pretty see mine
  6. sweetdawn

    Help!! My gramma has gone missing!

    missing one day and you panic? i have had fish hide for weeks and they turn up.i have a five gallon nano that has a yellow damsel in it i didnt see him for a few days so i stopped feeding the tank three weeks later i see him dart behind a rock. were talking one rock in this tank and i couldnt...
  7. sweetdawn

    What concerts have you been to?

    motley crue acdc crosby steels nash and young sorry if i spelled anything wrong i havent been to a concert in about 25 years
  8. sweetdawn

    I can't find a dead fish

    the fish has only been missing since thursday? why the panic? One of my tanks is a five gallon tank with just a piece of live rock in it I put a little damsel in there didnt see him thought he died didnt feed the tank for three weeks. totally on the level was walking by the tank and saw...
  9. sweetdawn

    I got my first fish today!

    my pink skunk clownfish hosts in my pulsing xenias
  10. sweetdawn

    Ammonia jump

    you can always try it. i just wouldnt put any expensive fish in there till you know if its going to work. and i would go with a pound and a half per gallon of live rock so that you have extra filtration. sorry dont know how to convert it to litres. good luck with your setup i gotta go do a...
  11. sweetdawn

    Ammonia jump

    i have never tried it in such a big tank only small tanks. it is better to spend the money and do it right. bigger tanks mean bigger water changes. in my tanks without the filters i do a 20 percent water change weekly that is a large amount in a big tank. powerhead is the thing in the water that...
  12. sweetdawn

    Ammonia jump

    well if you lose them i would trash the crushed shells. i have one tank with sand and the other three are bare bottem makes it easier to get rid of the bad stuff. is the cbs your only clean up crew?
  13. sweetdawn

    Ammonia jump

    without a filter more water changes
  14. sweetdawn

    Ammonia jump

    i have a 29 gallon with a skimmer and filter mh lights it is a reef tank with corals clams two fish and three seahorses. ten gallon tank with a powerhead 15 pounds live rock and a heater two fish two peppermint shrimp. a 55 with a wetdry a powerhead 75 pounds of live rock some mushrooms and...
  15. sweetdawn

    Ammonia jump

    sry didnt see where it said 50. i have four tanks each is different. i have a ten gallon without a filter. if you already have the filter why get rid of it you already spent the money. if it breaks you could always wait awhile to replace it and see what happens but i would leave it on otherwise...
  16. sweetdawn

    Ammonia jump

    how big is your tank? figure one pound per gallon. if you add it all at once your tank will go through another cycle. you could still cycle adding a little at a time. just dont buy any new fish till its done.
  17. sweetdawn

    anyone tired of it

    my kids hate my tank. my daughter had no interest in it when she lived at home now she is gone and she got a tank
  18. sweetdawn

    Ammonia jump

    ok one of your posts said you have crushed shells did you stir them up or something they could have gases trapped in them and cause you a problem. The live rock is a filter it helps to maintain your levels you should start adding some slowly to your tank. the reason saltwater is considered...
  19. sweetdawn

    Ammonia jump

    do a water change. did you get live rock?
  20. sweetdawn


    still alive doing good