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  1. socalnano24

    Spanko's bio cube, what in Posiden's name is he up to now?

    Looking good spanko, is that a feather duster w the long "lashes", looks great!
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    SocalNano24s Tank Diary

  3. socalnano24

    New 3-4 gallon nano reef

    That sounds good. I kept a 5.5 pico w a firefish in it for about a year, even w a mini skimmer the system was too small to properly maintain the water and eventually got cyano and I broke it down. I think your idea of sexy shrimp will work, I had two in mine.
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    Wait meowzer hasn't been on since October, what gives? I thought she was addicted to this site!

    Wait meowzer hasn't been on since October, what gives? I thought she was addicted to this site!
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    nissan577 aka Carlos is back!!!!

    Hey bud, hows it been? Long time, i finally got a grown up tank, a 60 rimless
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    SocalNano24s Tank Diary

    Thanks guys, learned a lot on here from my noob days. My gf is into the hobby now too so it makes it much easier to spend time and money on the tank. So I have two kessil a150w ocean blue pendant LEDs, the hanger is an assembly i put together w aircraft cable, and some wood struts for trapeze...
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    SocalNano24s Tank Diary

    Thanks honu, its a koralia pump. Here's a few more recent pics
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    SocalNano24s Tank Diary

    Got a new tank! This forum died so i moved over to reef central, but thought I'd give you guys an update since this forum had 5 years of history on it.
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    Silverado61's Stand and Tank build.

    This was a cool project, thanks for sharing. I like ur electrical box and switches.
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    I'm back!

    Thats an awesome little tank !
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    Chaeto in my hang on back filter?

    It won't take over unless you don't manage it for like 3 months. For good algae nutrient exportation, you should trim your macroalgae every few weeks so that it stays healthy (free of detritus and dark spots or yellow light spots) and this will export the nitrates and phosphates the macroalgae...
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    Biocube filtration question

    You can always change it more. I definitely change my filters more in my freshwater also. Chemi pure is also different than standard charcoal.
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    Biocube filtration question

    I would recommend keeping some form of carbon even after establishing a macro algae setup. I use chemi pure elite and try to change it 3 times a year minimum.
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    What is this??

    Haha, well i can definitley recommend to remove that. Haha
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    Finally Caught the Big Bristle Worm!!!

    Holy cow thats huge. I pulled out one once
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    Another Newbie

    Chaeto is a great macro algae for a refugium. I am not familiar with fish eating it, but its great for pulling out phosphates and nitrates as flower described.
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    microbubble hell!!!!

    Do you have falling water in one of the chambers of your sump or filter? If the levels are such that the water flows instead of falls you will have less bubbles.
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    Can someone help me out

    Weird, is it translucent? Does it look hollow with little open ports of tubes at the end?
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    What is this??

    Nope. But was giving my 2 cents
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    What is this??

    The sea squirt should be just fine. It's a filter feeder; kind of cool actually. Larger than most of the ones you would typically see in a tank. The ones in my tank are usually the size of an eraser on the end of a pencil.