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  1. jobob

    which is a better light?

    get the t-5 with ind. reflectors, u might be better off buying a fixture with them, since they're like $20 each. So that $80 extra.
  2. jobob

    Has anyone ever heard of Aqua Cool bulbs?

    Their 14k right? I used them for a day but it was to much blue with the actinic. I dont think the light is the problem. but if ur water is ok then try and accom. the corals to the new light. 6hr one day 7,8,9 etc. That might help.
  3. jobob

    PC or T6 lighting?

    look at aquatraders they have the same things but cheaper and without the catfish sticker. LOL
  4. jobob

    Pics of my Ten Gallon

    wow, thats alot of zoos!! beautiful!! very nice collection
  5. jobob

    My NEW 24gal nano DX!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    no it wasnt towards u, it was about the one whose giving u adivce and doesnt own a tank. i know u have one. it came out wrong sorry. if and when u do frag it dont break it cause u can get cut on the skeleton its very sharp. u can get nasty infections from corals. i would use a dremel or wet tile...
  6. jobob

    MH worth it?

    i ran pc for a while, then i got mh and wow what a difference. i will never go back!! get it. with the set up.
  7. jobob

    Pics of my Ten Gallon

    do u run a skimmer on the tank?? or just the big emperor on it? looking good. i just started a 10gal up too. but i really dont wanna have to take water from my 55gal every week so i was hopeing on getitn a remora on it. is that a monti digita? just wondering i have the same light. and i love...
  8. jobob

    My NEW 24gal nano DX!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    they make the nano cube with the aquapod HQI now i saw it at that fishplace for $299. im sure its on their site. but nice tank, looks great. did u ever think about fragging that frogspawn, that this is getting big. how can u spend ur time on a message board without owning a tank urself??? i know...
  9. jobob

    PH question

    yea electronic PH testers are really good if they are calabrated(sp) right. i really dont think purple up would rasise ur ph that much. u coud get a cheap electronic tester on [hr] .
  10. jobob

    PH question

    its a little high 8.2 is around the right ph, i really dont know what causes it to be high. maybe to much buffer. or alk is too high. are u useing any additives??
  11. jobob

    PH question

    retest. or take to lfs to test for u
  12. jobob

    ASM G2 or Coralife 220 Needle Super Skimmer?

    i was going to get the asm g1 i think, i was at that fish place so i got to open and touch both of them. and it seemed kinda "cheap" so i got the 65gal needle wheel. i got home and hooked it up(easy) and with in 2-3hrs it was pulling crap out. i am really happy with it.
  13. jobob

    Does anyone have this unit?

    yea i have the 2ft fixture. i love it. the aqua cool bulbs are really nice, but if u are going with 2 actinic then i think its to much bulb. upgrade to a 10k bulb. or u could use the 14k and one 10k and one actinic. it doesnt come with metal halide bulbs, u have to pay extra for them. go to...
  14. jobob

    taking apart a glass tank

    its only a 15gal. they is no way its tempered. they is no reason to temper it. if it doesnt say its not temper. they put a nice big sticker saying tempered do not drill.
  15. jobob

    Impaled by an urchin....

    i did the same thing, about 5 times!!! it does hurt!! it went away after about 2-3days. it stopped hurting after about 1hour. u will be fine.
  16. jobob

    Can I just get new bulbs, instead of a whole new unit?

    i heard the new T-5 odessya i really good. its only like $100. i am a college student too, i know paying $100 is a lot of lights but its worth it. i bought those pc and later when i got more money i bought 2x175 mh for $200 and $40 for wood and built me a canopy with the pc for the actinics. so...
  17. jobob

    Can I just get new bulbs, instead of a whole new unit?

    yea 30watts, now way will that keep an anemone. u need metal halides. maybe high watt pc of vho. i talkin like 400plus watts. if u wanna keep mushrooms u can if u get 5050 bulbs. but thats like $20 each so ur looking at $40 i would save my money and buy a jeboodessa power compact. for like $100...
  18. jobob


    the best way i found to get a clear plasic hose on a power head with clamps. inside the tank or sump. and i couldnt find the right size nylon ones. i got a hose that was a size smaller than the output on the pump, and heated it with a lighter. it doesnt burn it just heats it up so you can fit it...
  19. jobob

    Can i see some 30g's

    thats a weird way to use a swcd. i never thought of useing it in the tank. is it working good? as for the addiction to end... well maybe after she buys u a fish and coral embroidered coffin!!! nice looking tank.
  20. jobob

    how do you grow algae

    i hope its macro, i dont really know why anyone would wanna grow hair or slime algae?