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  1. detguy313

    Wrasse Question

    what else do you have in the might turn into a male..keeping a male might be a little tight in there but if your bioload is not too much it should be you hae any pics?
  2. detguy313

    A wrasse for my 75g

    Originally Posted by IBEW41 open but I can add egg crate egg crate will not hold in fairy or flashers..but if you get a top made out of 1/4 in mesh netting than those would be a great choice for your tank..possum wrasses are pretty neat as well..but alomst every wrasse is a jumper
  3. detguy313

    Other Wrasses for a 30g

    a flasher wrasses would be good..most fairys get too large for that size tank..but some of the smaller ones might would work..also possum wrasses are a good fit too...but for any of the wrasses you will need a top..all the fairy and flashers are expert jumpers and egg crate is no good it will...
  4. detguy313

    Can anyone identify this?

    Originally Posted by socal57che Most bristle worms are not hunter/killer organisms. Most only eat things that are dead or dying. I have never, ever seen a bristle worm eat a healthy specimen. +1 i've seen them mow down something that was dead or on its way out but never go after anything...
  5. detguy313

    New Palys i got!!

    they are close not sure if they ae the same but they can look different with every system..lots of factors go into that Originally Posted by Scopus Tang Not to highjack, but I'd say those look pretty similar to DJ's Pink and Golds, what do you think?
  6. detguy313

    New Palys i got!!

    i need to get some updated pics of these they are still the same colors maybe alittle brighter but the colony is nce size now but they turned into some nice rainbow colored palys
  7. detguy313

    mandarin goby

    Originally Posted by sepulatian Mandarins can be trained to eat frozen, but will not live long from it, especially not from brine. That is like only feeding your kids cotton candy. They absolutely MUST have pods to eat. Unless you have at least 70-100lbs of very mature live rock, and a refugium...
  8. detguy313

    mandarin goby

    first off what size is your tank and how long as it been established..also how much rock do u have...also frozen brine will not will not work as a staple for this fish
  9. detguy313

    Looking to add more color??

    i would look into the fairy wrasses as well but also keep in mind if u go that route that the fairys that are green in color tend to fade in color alot with out females...i also agree that scotts are under rated and was the fisrt wrasse that got me into being a wrasse nut...before i would add...
  10. detguy313

    Wrasse and trigger fish question

    Originally Posted by srfisher17 100% is a very tough word to use in this hobby. IME & IMO, there are exceptions to everything. I'll bet someone, somewhere has kept a Clown Trigger with ornamental shrimp for years. BTW; "reef safe" seems to have lots of meanings. To some, like me, it means "safe...
  11. detguy313

    New fish--I think I have a new favorite

    that is a nice exqusite..i love those but the only bad thing is they fade so bad if they are not housed with females...i have kept both the pacific and african color varients but i like the varient you have the best the pacific
  12. detguy313

    Cirrhilabrus scottorum

    scott's fairy wrasses are one of the most aggerssive of the group and most times have to be kept alone have to be and a males colors will fade alot if it is not housed with females....also fairy wrasses are jumpers so a covered tank is a must with these fish..i fed mine PE mysis and...
  13. detguy313


    what kind of wrasse is it and do you have any pics...also some info about your setup and other fish in the tank would be helpfull..but it is not uncommon for wrasse to hide when first introduced to a new tank but like it said the other info would could be getting picked on by other fish??
  14. detguy313

    What are the most pretty "Reef Safe" fish you can think of?

    i love fairy wrasses as well...flashers too!!!
  15. detguy313

    Wrasse Id

    that is a female solorensis fairy wrasse..they look very much like a blue sided and infact they are very closely related as well with the yellow flanked and velvet
  16. detguy313

    Picked up a new one.....

    you can get by with one feeding a day i feed mine twice a day velvet fairy which one are you talking about?? it cirrhilabrus luteovittatus or c. rubrisquamis...the first i see called velvet fairy and the later i see called red velvet...the reason i am asking is that c...
  17. detguy313

    2 JUMPERS in 2 DAYS!!!

    Originally Posted by meowzer Is it black? ANd it does not alter the light at all? Seems like it would. the netting i use is black and it has not altered the light
  18. detguy313

    2 JUMPERS in 2 DAYS!!!

    i have mh and i have han no problems with nylon top i use one like spanko but i have 1/4 holes and i have not seen any effects on my corals in fact the lighting looks better now in the tank i have used this top for almost 2 years and all has been good..i got my netting at home depot in the...
  19. detguy313

    show off your wrasses

    red velvet are nice..i have many others i will send you an im with a link to pics of others that i have kept as well
  20. detguy313

    2 JUMPERS in 2 DAYS!!!

    eggcrate will not hold in flasher wrasses at need a glass top or something with smaller holes i use a nylon mesh top and the holes are 1/4" i have not lost a flasher yet..but mccoskers and other flashers are known jumpers and will do so if being chased..sorry to hear about you loss