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  1. fishman622

    drilling a fuge tank

    where should i drill 2 inch holes for a fuge in a 29 gallon. it is going to be on the side of teh tank.
  2. fishman622

    Dive trip... I mean business trip... to Guam (Micronesia)

    WoW:eek: those are awesome pics. it looks like that was a very fun trip. AWESOME
  3. fishman622

    new camera

  4. fishman622

    new camera

    hi i just got a new camera and i wanted to know if the canon powershot s 500 digital elph camera any good? has anyone used it before?
  5. fishman622

    Anybody know what these zoos are called?

    i think they are called fiji poyps. i just got some and i think thet are them.
  6. fishman622

    The Hunt For Stacey

    Originally posted by koolkev OH! So you never talked to him... you just tried to talk to him... Is that what you mean... Kevin aka koolkev nno i tried to talk to norcalitrd to ask him what is going on with this stacy guy. but now i know what he does. and koolkev im very sorry what he did to...
  7. fishman622

    The Hunt For Stacey

    Originally posted by Chandler04 You know who stacey is then? You have actually conversed and spoken with the monster? We need to have that information so we can give it to someone. Can u do that? know i dont know him and i have never spoken to stacey
  8. fishman622

    The Hunt For Stacey

    Originally posted by Chandler04 Hoo is dizzle22? Wat is the dizzle about? LOL my name is drew. i just im him and asked him what was going because i see all this stacey post. i know now but i was just wondering
  9. fishman622

    The Hunt For Stacey

    Originally posted by norcalitrd he signed on this afternoon to AOL as Dizzle22 so I would contact AOl and have them help ya out... I am not to good wih images so looks sloppy, but here is the webpage that I stored the screen capture of him AOL IM conversation ...
  10. fishman622

    Daughter doing a report-what's the most poisonous "fish" and coral?

    well i heard teh sea apple whne it dies lets out toxics that kill everything in your whole tank
  11. fishman622


    its white with like yellow darhish tips on its back. it looks exacly liek a nubibranch
  12. fishman622


    i was looking at my corals i just got and i found a nubibranch. its really really small, i think it is a baby.
  13. fishman622

    bumble be snail

    well i got a shippment of corals today and i noticed a bumble be snail. are tehy ok to put it in my tank?
  14. fishman622

    Most Expensive Fish!

    a nice naso tang 60 bucks
  15. fishman622

    feather duster question

    well, my feather duster also dissapered, and then i looked at teh tube and it looked old so i ripped it off and there is was . it attached on a roick with a new tube.
  16. fishman622

    how long...

    it really depends, and sometimes the percs dont host.
  17. fishman622

    Brand of Powerhead

    maxi jets very good quality. i use it and i love it.
  18. fishman622

    Just opended my new PhosBan Reactor 150!

    where do you find those?
  19. fishman622

    How often should you clean your protein skimmer?

    yes when it gets full you should empty it, and rinse the cup troughly to clean it.
  20. fishman622

    Zoanthid colony for sale Chicago

    youve got mail:happy: