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  1. jaxfishgirl

    Cute Picture

    super cute
  2. jaxfishgirl

    September TOTM Winner

    such a gorgeous tank! And Hiiiii Meowzer! I havent been on here in a long long long time! A lot has changed
  3. jaxfishgirl

    Is this a Black Emerald Crab?

    wow, that is one cool looking crab. looks JUST like an emerald, I would love that thing
  4. jaxfishgirl

    problem with pump flow

    Quote: Originally Posted by acrylic51 You say your using vinyl tubing???? Is it the clear tubing that you can see into....I would visual inspect as you probably already have and others have suggest, but I'd be looking around the bulkhead....Without seeing pics and you said the tank was...
  5. jaxfishgirl

    problem with pump flow

    Quote: Originally Posted by Al&Burke Do you have any pictures, the 1" drain and return is fine. I had the same problem a little while back with a FW set up, these guys/gals here told me not put any valves on the drain, I agree because if by chance you get something in there it might block it...
  6. jaxfishgirl

    BUGS! What are these?

    O M G, that is what I would call an infestation.
  7. jaxfishgirl

    problem with pump flow

    it's 1" drain and return
  8. jaxfishgirl

    problem with pump flow

    So, I am having an issue with the outflow of my pump. I have a Mag drive 7 pump in my 20 gal refugium. It seems like I have to reduce the outflow of the pump with a ball valve (I use vinyl tubing) to almost nothing. It is pumping water back into the DT quicker than it is draining back down to...
  9. jaxfishgirl

    JaxFishGirl's 75 Gallon

    Oh, RG = royal grammas
  10. jaxfishgirl

    JaxFishGirl's 75 Gallon

    Quote: Originally Posted by Gill again68 Good for you! Then I guess the next question will be..... isnt this fun???!!!!!! Lots of fun ;) Quote: Originally Posted by yannifish Quote: Originally Posted by florida joe WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU CANT KEEP RG ALIVE sorry a little inside joke Okay, I...
  11. jaxfishgirl

    JaxFishGirl's 75 Gallon

    Awesome. I think I will tell my hubby to get that for me then. Can't wait until christmas, may get it now :)
  12. jaxfishgirl

    STOCK LIST For A 180 Gallon? NEED HELP!!!

    sorry to hear about your clown. That sucks.
  13. jaxfishgirl

    JaxFishGirl's 75 Gallon

    So, I am thinking. Maybe 40 lbs of sand? Enough to make it look nice.
  14. jaxfishgirl

    A Message

    thank you for posting this! it's getting out of hand
  15. jaxfishgirl

    Terror in Unicorn Fish

    Quote: Originally Posted by laxplayer50 Relation to Burrito more than likely
  16. jaxfishgirl

    JaxFishGirl's 75 Gallon

    Quote: Originally Posted by novahobbies 60 lbs should put right between 1.5 and 2 inches, according to the sand calculator. If you don't need a DSB, and you don't have any obligate sand feeders in your tank obviously, why do you even need that much? 3/4 inch bed would be enough to look...
  17. jaxfishgirl

    JaxFishGirl's 75 Gallon

    I am thinking about adding sand soon....I am not liking the look anymore of the BB. I may ask for sand for Christmas from the hubby. Since he cant think of anything to buy for me anyways. How much should I look into getting? I don't want a DSB, maybe 1.5-2 inches????
  18. jaxfishgirl

    JaxFishGirl's 75 Gallon

    Quote: Originally Posted by Gill again68 Err ummm here it goes. 1 pump to pump water into the tank and another to pump water out of the tank. Thats the glass tank version. Now the plastic version you could do one pump in and a pipe out the side and let the flow go. Lol, for some reason this...
  19. jaxfishgirl

    Chaeto in tank?

    Take the good advice here and get it out of there. I made the mistake of leaving a tiny tiny patch on a rock thinking a WC and changing my light schedule would control it. WRONG. I ended up taking that rock and and scrubbing it off.
  20. jaxfishgirl

    I recommend when you have a lion fish

    Quote: Originally Posted by Scott T Where are the mods when you need them for silly stuff like this.. ??? It seems that stuff like this should be moderated and taken out, no information here at all.. When Will it stop, when everyone that makes these boards when they all leave and they become...