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  1. coral boy

    FS MH/VHO lighting

    Well i'm going from a reef to a fowlr so i am going to sell my lighting heres what i have 72" Hamilton 4 175 watt MH 4 165 watt VHO 2 fans sysyem works good. It's all in a black acrylic hood asking $400.00 this system is heavy so would like to sell locally if i can, if not and you want to pay...
  2. coral boy

    The fastest yellow tang in the west

    Anyone want to race
  3. coral boy

    need ID

    Can someone tell me what this is it just started growing on my live rock
  4. coral boy

    Need help for my son

    My 13 year old son is doing a project does anyone know of a web site that explains a natural reef and saltwater fish Thanks for any help you can give
  5. coral boy

    Need fish ID

    My wife bought me a fish yesterday (Shame on her she knows better) The front half is blue the back half is yellow and it has a black dot on the upper fin. Thanks for any help
  6. coral boy

    Bubble Alage

    I'm not sure if thats waht i have there is only one bubble and it is the size of a quater. If it's not bubble what could it be by the way it is green
  7. coral boy

    Feather dusters out of control

    How did i end up with so many, I bought one about a year ago now I have about 15 of them, they look cool i just have to many of them. does any one know how to take them of the rock without hurting them
  8. coral boy

    Question about Elegant coral

    I bought an Elegant coral about a week ago the frist day it opened real big the next day not so big, now it's starting to show it's skelton on one side my water test are good, do they need a lot of light or a little. This coral cost me $70.00 and i would hate to lose it so any help would be great
  9. coral boy

    White spots

    I am getting a lot of white spots on my glass and on my live rock the ones on the glass are little circles I can scrape them off the glass but it is hard does anybody know what this is, starting to look bad on the live rock
  10. coral boy

    What's on your wish list?

    So what does everyone want for christmas? I want a 32' fifth wheel
  11. coral boy

    Question about a Lobophyllia

    I saw a nice lobophyllia at the LFS today and was thinking about buying it. What can you guys tell me about them. Give it all to me I can handle it
  12. coral boy

    Wave maker ?

    I just bought a wavemaker and would like to know how often i should alternat the power heads I can go from 15 seconds to 2 1/2 minutes
  13. coral boy

    ? about Fragging

    I have a colt coral that needs to be fraged how do i do it i have never done it before
  14. coral boy

    Question about refugium

    I have a 125 gal. tank whats the smallest refugium i can have and can you give me a list of what i need to start one also should i go from the tank to the sump to the refugium then back to the tank I need all the help i can get Thanks Sam
  15. coral boy

    Hey Jonthefb

    You said you where going to send me an e-mail about where i can get trochus snails did you forget? Thanks
  16. coral boy

    live sand and hair alage

    I just spent the last hour pulling hair alage out of my live sand now i have a cup full of alage and live sand. does anyone know of a good way to seperate the two so i can put the sand back in the tank i have been pulling a lot out lately. the reason why i have a lot of alage is b/c i went from...
  17. coral boy

    One lawnmower blenny down

    I just looked in my tank and saw that my bubble tip anamone was eating one of my lawnmower blennys as i was watching my morron clown was trying to pull him out. one down that sucks i use them to keep my alage under control since i can't use hermit crabs because i have a hawk fish i can't catch
  18. coral boy

    Problem with MH please help

    I just got two new Ushio 175 watt 10k bulbs The problem is they come on for about 1min. then they shut off one seems to be staying on now but the other one still comes on then shuts off I have hamlton ballest. hasd anybody else had this problem thanks for any help you can give me
  19. coral boy

    Weekly water change

    I have a 125 gal. tank if i were to do weekly water changes what % should i do and do i still need to add Potassium, iodide, strontium, or trace elements. Thanks for the help
  20. coral boy

    Feeding torch coral

    should i feed torch coal meaty foods