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  1. coral boy

    Southdown or Equivalent in Los Angeles?

    buzz i've been looking for the same thing let me know what you find out
  2. coral boy

    Question on tank gallons

    If you have rock and sand in there it also takes up space
  3. coral boy

    Ammonia 4.0: URGENT!

    I don't know about the DT, it was refrigerated in the LFS. I've never taken it out from the fridge unless when I use it. It does have odor, but I don't know whether that's the strong odor you're talking about. It's expiration date is in August. DT's should have no odor if there is an odor i...
  4. coral boy

    FS MH/VHO lighting

    If someone wants to make me an offer go ahead
  5. coral boy

    FS MH/VHO lighting

    Picture # 2
  6. coral boy

    FS MH/VHO lighting

    I only have two of the lights on at time of picture
  7. coral boy

    FS MH/VHO lighting

    Well i'm going from a reef to a fowlr so i am going to sell my lighting heres what i have 72" Hamilton 4 175 watt MH 4 165 watt VHO 2 fans sysyem works good. It's all in a black acrylic hood asking $400.00 this system is heavy so would like to sell locally if i can, if not and you want to pay...
  8. coral boy

    somebody in Montana with a sw tank

    I know right were your at I use to live in anaconda and butte
  9. coral boy

    somebody in Montana with a sw tank

    Where do you live in montana? I use to live there but did not get my tank till i lived in calif
  10. coral boy

    The fastest yellow tang in the west

    Anyone want to race
  11. coral boy

    need ID

    Thats what i am talking about thanks guys
  12. coral boy

    need ID

    Can someone tell me what this is it just started growing on my live rock
  13. coral boy

    Need help for my son

    flamingkingofhe you got mail My son said he needs a site that talks about reefs in genaral and the fish that live in reefs
  14. coral boy

    Need help for my son

    My 13 year old son is doing a project does anyone know of a web site that explains a natural reef and saltwater fish Thanks for any help you can give
  15. coral boy

    Curious 'bout y'alls fishloads in yer reefs. So.....

    125 gal. tank w/ 10 gal.refugium 0 nitrates 13 fish
  16. coral boy

    OT: Anyone familiar with Burbank, California. I need help.

    Tangman, That size house in that area you'll be paying at least $500,000 if not more. also if you live in the surounding area watch where you go there are some bad areas in
  17. coral boy

    Things we regret adding?

    It's a spotted hawk fish for me I like to keep shrimp but my hawk likes to eat shrimp. and I can't catch him.
  18. coral boy

    Bubble Tip annenome coral

    I also would not trust your LFS guy sounds like all he wants to do is make money when he looks in your eyes all he sees is $$$
  19. coral boy

    Bubble Tip annenome coral

    TAKE IT BACK Sounds like you need to slow down a little take your time and let your tank age for awhile
  20. coral boy

    help id..stinging my xenia

    I found one of them on my live rock also what can you tell us about them