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  1. rays862

    live sea fan in seahorse tank?

    Gorgeous fan CF, best of luck with it.
  2. rays862

    live sea fan in seahorse tank?

    Originally Posted by spanko That looked like it should have hurt! Nope, sometimes they line up just to get in the flow, they also hang onto the spraybar at the opposite end of the tank.
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    live sea fan in seahorse tank?

    My response to strong current, this is my tank and explanation.
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    Couldn't Resist

    Although, LA says temp range 72-78, keep them at the lower end 72, they are deep water horses, and have been kept with better success at lower temps, good luck, and keep us updated. Originally Posted by Sherry13 I almost bought some of those Kudas. I saw they were on sale, decided to wait a few...
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    Congrats! Although I provide rotifers right from the start, your fry can safely go without food for up to 24 hrs.
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    Care to be my double checker?

    Sorry to hear they came in such bad shape, good luck with the remaining one, sorry I missed the part about 1200 being the return.
  7. rays862

    Care to be my double checker?

    I'm a believer in strong flow with "quiet" areas, but don't you think a 1200 to be bit strong Kevin? Is there much turbulence when you tested it? BTW, good luck with your new charges.
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    New kudas!!!

    Originally Posted by Koi Lady Looks like the darker one is female and the pale one a male. Gorgeous pair. Good luck with them. Dittto, enjoy.
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    Sad discovery.....

    So sorry to hear, especially on your birthday. I had that happen with my first brood, now I use very fine sponges.
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    Pipe fish diary!!

    Pipefish by nature eat pods, some can be weaned over to BS and frozen mysis, and some can't. Good luck with your pipe.
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    Planted Tank Redo!

    Suzy, your tank is drop dead gorgeous, what do you have for lighting?
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    Starting Over

    When using super glue, make sure you get the gel form, and it is completely safe.
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    possibly getting two Kellogis

    Originally Posted by TeresaQ yes from what I have been reading latley, people have been having problems keeping kellogi. I agree with the lower temps, keep them in the lowwwww 70s. It prob would not hur to worm them either. they are prob net or pen raised. Teresa People having been having...
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    3 kellogi

    All seahorses will change color, from change of surroundings, courting or for any good reason. My seahorses have been brown, white, silver and orange.
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    possibly getting two Kellogis

    Their survival rate is better at lowere temps 72.
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    tank mate

    I'm surprised SeahorseDotOrg would make a list like that, because they tend to be Nazi's over there on what you can and can't put in a seahorse tank. Check again, it's OR not .org, I'm a regular on .org, I know they wouldn't have that list.
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    tank mate

    Originally Posted by larrynews i found this on a good site, feed back please, hope it wont get deleted In short, fishes that are suitable as companions for seahorses must be docile, nonaggressive specimens, which are fairly deliberate feeders that won't out-compete them for food. Some good...
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    last resort...

    Ninety gal. with 40 sump, Mag 12, 150 Octopus skimmer with modded needlewheel impeller, orange/red tree sponges. Asst'd snails, four atlantic cucumbers, scarlet reef hermits, two inches sand, 45 lbs LR (marco rocks) converted, and still adding. Several 10 gal fry tanks, 29 gal hex juvi tank an...
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    last resort...

    Lisa, I'm sorry for the heartbreak, it always bothers us when we lose an animal. I noticed you got them on 1/15 and they were in the tank on the 16th. Did you take any precautions like a freshwater dip and Formalin dip. Deworming, prazipro and fenbendazole? Even though these animals are...
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    Live Silversides??????

    Ur snowflafe should be fine with raw scallops or raw cocktail shrimp, never had a problem with snowflakes eating store bought fish items.