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  1. dang

    just put my blue tang in my tank

    I've not tried this, but heard it works. Take the Yellow Tang out of the tank, and move the rock work around. Move the Yellow tang back in the tank after a day or two. He should think it is a different tank and mellow out.... Hope this helps
  2. dang

    stocking 14gallon Nano

    I've got LS and LR in it now, and just waiting for it to complete it's cycle. Thanks for the suggestions, now to figure out what I actually want in it!
  3. dang

    stocking 14gallon Nano

    I'm in the process of cycling a 14g nano, and was wondering what people would put in it if it was theirs. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  4. dang

    Best Skimmer

    In the mid tier of skimmers I'd personally go with a euro-reef. However for less money you can go with a ASM, which is a euro-reef knock off.
  5. dang

    Bulb anemone good Host?

    Lmecher thanks for that link....I was seriously considering a carpet before that read, you saved me some $$$
  6. dang

    AquaC Remora opinions are greatly valued

    I've had the Remora C on a 55 and had no problems with it, it did take sometime for it to break in (about 2 weeks) but after that it worked like a champ. I don't have it anymore because I moved to a 90 gallon with a sump
  7. dang

    Fire Shrimp

    yes they are fine together, I have a cleaner, 2 pepermint and one fire all in the same tank, and have no problems with them
  8. dang

    A Sump In My Established 55 Gal

    The walmart 55's can't be drilled. You'll have a serious mess on your hands if you try to drill it.
  9. dang

    Cleaning the inside of a skimmer

    I have a euro-reef RS 80 skimmer that I need to clean the inside. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get down to the bottom of the skimmer? I've tried toothbrushes which aren't long enough, but have yet to try a long bristle brush. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  10. dang

    yellow tang and sailin tang slight fighting

    You should take the yellow tang out of the tank for appx 2 weeks, move the rocks around in the DT then put the yellow tang back in....
  11. dang

    Ich dilemma

    I've had luck with ICK Attack and Greenex Good luck
  12. dang

    hydor and BTA

    some sort of mesh will work, like the window screen. Just make sure you don't use the metal
  13. dang

    skimmer help

    My euro-reef, sits in 7-8" of water, in the sump. You probably need to adjust the water outlet to let out water quicker. And yes, adjust the big puffy thing.
  14. dang

    1st Timer ?s

    You definitely need more power heads. I have a 90 RR also, in which I'm using 2 Koralia 4's and one Koralia 3. I have the 4's on the back of the tank pointed toward the front glass, and the one 3 on the side of the tank pointed toward the other side. Keeps things moving. Spikes usually happen...
  15. dang

    Two Angelfish?

    I've got a coral beauty and a koran angel in the same tank and they are fine together. From what I've seen, is you can keep a small and large angel together, just not two small nor two large.
  16. dang

    Hermit crab

    You can order them from in the inverts section
  17. dang

    Aqua Mend

    Yes it works and works well
  18. dang


    IMO the more GPH the better
  19. dang

    Where do you all get your styrofoam boxes?

    look under foam coolers
  20. dang

    yellow tang from

    I got one from swf last week and he's rather big....3-4 inches. He's beein in a QT since, and doing well