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    Calling the old posse!!!

    I haven't been here in a while. Been a member for over 10 years used to be alot more people. Seth texted me the other day where I have been. One word..... divorce
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    led light bar for 30 inch tank

    No the cheaper one. Same controller looks like. Just needed a little light for the dim spot
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    led light bar for 30 inch tank

    I have a current USA. I don't like it too much white .. can't get the blue right. Control is terrible. I have 2 other leds on the tank I just bought the current for the center above the glass center support . It was cheap 18 inch think it was 120 or 140? It does light the center where the other...
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    Cyano is dying!

    I use tweezers at the base to remove bubble algae. A week ago I turned up my led lights a bit . I have a dimmer set up. Now have some red cyno starting. My monti corals seemed to need more light. It helped the monti but now cyno . Unless it gets bad I will just let it go. Tanks will adjust on...
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    Sump water level

    I lose at.least a gallon a day on my 90 dt and 30 sump
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    Sail fin tangs.

    Love.the tang police.
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    Sail fin tangs.

    Great fish. I have one with a hippo and a naso
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    Aquarium lighting vs ambient light

    As long as you keep.water in parameters the algae and cyno go away. Nature takes time. New tank blooms always happens . Like you guys figured out this is not a speedy hobby
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    Blue Tang Advice

    I remember who ever it was put a pic of a cop car with a tang police sign on the side
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    Head phone music

    Just did it. card but saw.a skip icon. Just have to learn how to use it now
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    Head phone music

    I don't have a pc or.laptop just my cell
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    Head phone music

    The apps won't let me.down load until late I put in a credit card. I won't do that. I for something if it was But in a month I am sure I would have loaded all my music then I am sure it would be a pain to cancel
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    Head phone music

    Any time I try to down load a free app it always asks for a credit card. what's with that?
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    Head phone music

    Forgot the gym is in a low spot and metal building . No Internet reception at all. barely get a text out
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    Head phone music

    Galaxy 6 I think it is. Rather have something I can crank to where it hurts
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    Head phone music

    I am computer retarded . no idea how to use this phone or any device but a radio with a cdl player
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    Head phone music

    Ok not sure how many people here know I weight training for 30 years. My gym is a big metal building no heat or air. just a dungeon . I love it hardcore only. no employees they just leave the doors open. Well no music either. never used to bother me but I spend 5 days a week there and silence...
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    Red thing on hammer coral

    Seeing there is a cyno outbreak that would be my guess
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    blue hippo tang question

    I have a hippo 4 inches and a blond Naso 3.5 inches in my 90 reef for a year now. over the years I noticed in smaller tanks they don't grow much. had a purple in a 90 for years once she got to the 150 she grew 2 inches in a year. long story but I am separating from the wife after the holidays ...
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    anemone with purple tips sucked into filter

    I live in Texas who do you think I voted for? Growing up eating salmon and walleye never till I moved to Texas did I know buying fish at the store cost so much .