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  1. ocellaris_keeper

    Plumbing questions regarding 180 GAL acrylic tank

    awesome - thatnks and I will go to OD and pick a couple up this weekend. NOW - how do I put the pipes in? is it a through or a glue?
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    depends on where you live of course. I have a friend who built his entire tank around the sand and water near his house on Key West. HOWEVER - if you are not in Hawaii, Keys, it's most likely a bad idea.
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    Plumbing questions regarding 180 GAL acrylic tank

    I need some plumbing help folks. I just got a 180 gal acrylic tank from a friend and the overflow system has two holes in the bottom one is 1 7/8" and the other is 3 1/4" in. I need to know what types of plumbing junction ports to keep the thing from leaking on the edges and then what pipes to...
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    my cycle 55 fowlr questions

    Originally Posted by igotaweinerdog alright so i have a 55 gallon tank with 50lbs of live rock. i got the LR last thursday and put in 2 shrimp on last tuesday for a source of ammonia. after the LR came in i added 3 more shrimp and live nitrifying bacteria and a product called biozyme. recently i...
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    Will clown trigger get along with Picasso?

    the clown is a gorgeous's also the nastiest fish on the planet - including damels. You might as well figure out which fish you want to return to the store or give to someone because those things are bread to roam a very large area on a reef with an attitude and they don't like anyone...
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    help my perculas are fighting

    congrats!! You're getting yourself a mated pair.
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    Will clowns host a white Sebae Anemone after...

    Clown fish or anenome fish are named that because that's what they are wired to do. the real quesiotn is - what is the right temperature for the anemone? A lot of them are cold water animals and don't belong on a reef and will perish. Look it up and make the safe decision. Originally Posted...
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    Is this a good list for my 55 Gallon

    three Goby's is interesting the rest of it should be fine.
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    White Bumps Blue Hippo Tang

    be real careful - ich has a life cycle of about 30-45 days depending on salinity and temperature and where it is in the cycle.
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    Permanent hyposalinity

    do you keep your tangs in a hospital tank for 6 weeks or are you talking about the display tank?
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    Can I add these to my tank?

    that sounds like a good meal for a trigger. They do eat anything they can chomp
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    sailfin tang help

    sailfins are pretty easy - they actually like just about anything and lettuce is fine, they can digest it just fine. Do not however feed them the outside leafs as they may have pesticides and/or chemicals that you do not want to feed your animals. do you soak any of your food in garlic? if not I...
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    curing liverock

    Originally Posted by Dlauber I read this somewhere "If the rock is small enough or your toilet is big enough. Put it in the upper chamber. Think of all the water changes it will receive in 1 day" Im not sure if the guy was serious or not... But would that work, or are there other steps needed to...
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    My tank set up, opinions much appreciated -- 50g FOWLR

    Recommend a sump system - you can get an hang on overflow and a sump capable of about 20 gallons - that'll allow you more live stock and stablize the system.
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    Brown Algae Bloom has begun

    I'd like to quickly go over my second experience with a saltwater tank and where it stands right now. I lost my first tank to Hurrican Isabell a couple of years ago while in our rental house - we were out of electricity for a full week and when the power came back on it was obviously too late...
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    Nitrate problem help!!

    A 58 gallon tank should never have more than 8-10% water changes or you risk a chance of recycling the tank. Nitrates are part of the nitrogen cycle and specifically the beneficial bacteria that consumes ammonia and nitrite. There are some chemicals that help but there has to be some method - I...
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    Does a coral banded shrimp need to be quarantined?

    Shrimp don't need to be quarantined - they don't carry any fish diseases but please make sure you acclimate the little guy - oh, and you should buy a a couple of them.
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    fighting conch injured

    good luck man! I hope it survives!
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    What's wrong with silica in the Sand

    thanks and I'll heed the warning.
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    330 GALLON Reff tank diary

    Originally Posted by shark bait I did ot get a reply on the above and also has anyone ever used powerheads other than the maxi jets on a wave maker, i need more flow than the 1200 can spit out. actually the cheaper and safer route is to go with more lower output power heads aligned together...