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  1. gill again68

    Bang Guy's New Sub Compact Concept Car

    Quote: Originally Posted by Jstdv8 you guys are like evil twins. except there is no good one. Ummmm evil twins would be alike or they would just be that nice guy and the other one? Hope no one was hurt to bad.
  2. gill again68

    ladyreefseekers 90gallon set-up

    The rock work is taking shape. I was thinking in the before picture, the rock with the mushrooms on it, if you could have turned it 90 degrees left that it would have made a monstrous cave. I like what you have in the after pic. That one big rock center right that bridges looks kinda scary. I am...
  3. gill again68

    Are Crocea Clams hard to keep? (Tridacna Crocea)

    I would say watch that CB. My coral beauty was all nice and never bothered anybody. From time to time now since I added my derasa the dang thing will go by and take a nip. It doesnt do it to often and the clam seems to be, well happy as a clam . Just watch it. I wouldn't trust them. Mine has...
  4. gill again68

    ladyreefseekers 90gallon set-up

    I think its great to see someone with experience use what I would call and advance technique. I would say that the average Joe (no offense Joe) would want to use a more traditional method. Tagging in.
  5. gill again68

    2Quills, 120G Re-build thread.

    I like the furniture in the pics you posted. I could see that for sure. In those pics you see a "marble" affect and the doors have a lighter shade of the same color dont they? It was just too much of a contrast for me. I like the idea and like mentioned keep doing what you like. The stand is...
  6. gill again68

    Novahobbies' 37g Seahorse Tank Journal

    Every time I see your tank I want to run out and buy one and set it up just like that. I think I will eventually. Very clean and well thought out. The new light does look great.
  7. gill again68

    2Quills, 120G Re-build thread.

    Quote: Originally Posted by acrylic51 I love the cherry, just not sold on the lighter color...maybe a hair darker....JMO.... Is that just 1 coat of the lighter stain? Well with such a small sample it is hard for me to tell. With just the sample I think that its to busy. The Cherry is very nice...
  8. gill again68

    sone of a .....

    Google the manufacturer if you can and see what it is. I would think lead as that would be the cheapest. Now how long before lead is going to hurt???? The safe thing is to get it out and that will get it off your mind. Just 2 cents from someone that had a couple to spare.
  9. gill again68

    turf scrubbers

    Well I am due a cleaning but just wanted to report in that I have some great growth on my screen. I can tell that the glass in the DT needs less maintenance since I started the scrubber. I currently have a cyano breakout on the sand of my tank and its a PITA. Just wondering if you fellas, / gals...
  10. gill again68

    Are anthelia poison?

    Wear gloves. I dont know the answer to your question but gloves seem to fix the issue?
  11. gill again68

    Ordered new corals :)

    Very nice corals. Really like the lobo the acro is nice as well.
  12. gill again68

    Clowns trying to be hosted by my Duncan

    So my big female clown (Mable) has decided to get close to the Duncan. I heard that they liked them and apparently this is true with my fish. Now the funny thing is my big Sailfin seems to be mimicking the clowns by getting into their old spot of star polyps. It was so funny over dinner watching...
  13. gill again68

    First SPS frag :)

    Nice frag, you know the nice thing about those digital cameras is you never run out of film. Just sayin..
  14. gill again68

    Fighting Manderinfish?

    Mandarins typically feed on natural foods and not commercial food. Unless you put it in Meowzer's tank. Most will tell you that it tanks a mature tank (1 year old or more) and a source to replenish the food. They eat pods. So a refugium is a nice addition to your tank. Also you can just buy...
  15. gill again68

    Suicide attempt by pink tube anemone

    Mine was on the move again today. Its back to the original spot. Only thing I can figure is it must be female. Wasn't gonna be happy until it was its idea.
  16. gill again68

    New critter for the tank. Blue Linckla Star

    So I come home tonight and the Tube anemone has made its way from the backside of the tank through the rock and back to the original spot that I made for it. I may be the only person with a highly motivated tube anemone.Its losing weight from running around that tank so much.
  17. gill again68

    Adding Another set of lights

    Why post anything without some kind of picture
  18. gill again68

    New critter for the tank. Blue Linckla Star

    "In fact, it turns out that we are not even very good at telling the different species of Linckia apart, because L. laevigata (the blue Linckia) and L. multifora (the red Linckia) turn out to apparently be the same species!" - INVERTEBRATE NON-COLUMN by ROB TOONEN Nice write up. Led me to...
  19. gill again68

    Take 2!

    +1 The order would be wrong in the fact that your flow through the fuge to supply the return would have to be very high. As mentioned melevesreef explains this and shows very nice designs. But it should be first section (down pipe flow, skimmer) second section (return pump) third section...
  20. gill again68

    JaxFishGirl's 75 Gallon

    So did Santa bring SAND or COAL?