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  1. hairtrigger

    This picture was used in a catalog

    Very cool krish. Is that a chili coral on the far right, or a closed up colt? Curious because I'm interested in Chilis but don't know much about them. I'm not exactly on the fast track to researching them right now either though. Not a "priority" coral. Interesting tho.
  2. hairtrigger

    Sump question

    Wish I could help with a diagram. But that's out of my league now. However, yes, you can use the same sump for both tanks. LFS' often have many systems linked to one sump. Just make sure you have water quality that's acceptable. I would assume you simply need to have the input and outputs...
  3. hairtrigger

    your first coral

    Current reef... finger leather. I think I bought something else at the same time too though. One of my ricordeas I think. :cool:
  4. hairtrigger

    OT: Steak (Kill shots)

    That's still a da*n nice bull size regardless. Did you just stumble on him, wait, bait, or been tracking him? Sounds like a great shot too... in the woods at 30 yards if you hit him in the sweet spot. :cool:
  5. hairtrigger

    hair algae?

    I'll be first to ask... water params?
  6. hairtrigger

    I'm back

    Yo! Long time no see. Glad ya "surfaced" again. :D
  7. hairtrigger

    Easy beginner coral recommendations

    In descending order: Shroms Polyps Some Leathers Xenia Colts Bubbles Some Brains :cool:
  8. hairtrigger

    Fishies going back to LFS QT.

    Good decision. Jpdawson is technically right though. best case senario is to quarantine them all. If you can't, raise the heat slowly. ich does not reproduce in higher heat. that is an old trick that has worked in many reefs I've seen since chemicals are baaaaad. You are also right. Some...
  9. hairtrigger

    Aptasia or Feather Duster??

    Just to back up people's opinion, based on the evidence... feather duster. Single pipe... sounds like a duster. Shoots back in pipe quickly... feather. Etc. :cool:
  10. hairtrigger

    New member to the tank

    That is a great looking carpet. Awesome. In my experience, clowns will drop food in a carpet, but generally don't host them... as in roll around and sleep in. Carpets are serious carnivores. The one at the LFS I used to work at ate big, big fish. Including a clown that got too close. Carpets...
  11. hairtrigger

    hammer coral feeding question???

    Rye nailed the feeding question. And actually, hammers aren't bad beginner corals as long as you have a general idea of what you're doing. they are fairly hardy. Hammers are also good indicators of water quality. However, flamingkingofhe is right. Polyps and shrooms are much hardier, and...
  12. hairtrigger

    Pom Pom Crab

    Reef.... that is really cool. I agree. I was curious about them myslf but forgot about em until now. Good stuff. :cool:
  13. hairtrigger

    So, are Emerald Crabs reef safe or not?

    I have tons of em. Emeralds are one of my favorite additons. They are also constantly eating. Great cleaners. Fun to watch too. :cool:
  14. hairtrigger

    PLEASE HELP! 1st stages of CYANO!!

    Oh yeah. Get a skimmer.
  15. hairtrigger

    PLEASE HELP! 1st stages of CYANO!!

    Ah ha. Funny you left this part out of your story earlier. I know why though... to save you an earful. I am compassionate though. :D I too have had serious issues with cyano. I will save my gouges for another time. :p Now, in my experience.. and I will show you maybe tomorrow...
  16. hairtrigger

    id please

    Yeah... I bet it was a dead beetle too. :D I've found some strange airborne, or land-based creatures dead in my tank before. They love the light... but then they learn quickly it was a mistake going towards it. I don't know many reef detrivores that fit the size or description of a beetle...
  17. hairtrigger

    Is there any reef safe rock from lowes?

    I second the moon rock or aragocrete. Some rock from lowes may have heavy metals in it, etc. And you can never be too safe. That moon rock can often be found in LFS' for reasonable prices. Sometimes they'll let you bargain too. :cool:
  18. hairtrigger

    Pom Pom Crab

    Are these the crabs with little anenomes on their main claws? Main claws... ugh. Sounds so uneducated. :D Leave me alone. Rough day at work. :cool:
  19. hairtrigger

    Do detrivores in the fuge really make it up to the display through the pump?

    That's what I thought, but I have no experience in this department which is why I asked. Small... and have good timing. :D
  20. hairtrigger

    Will red legged hermits eat pods and bugs and critters in fuge?

    Ahhh... bang... yes... that's what I meant. Scarlets. I have em in my display, and they don't hassle anything, which is good. But, if they have even the potential of feeding on my fuge critters, I'm not risking it. I will just let the critters do the job, but add some snails as backup. Plus...