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    How to create the perfect environment for a Clownfish - 20 gallon

    I am a college student looking for a fish tank set up. I have a love for fish, and I have had a variety since I was younger and other pets. When I move houses next year I am planning on getting a clown fish. I have been doing a lot of reading lately on things I need but it all Tutuapp 9Apps...
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    Nano Problem

    So I'm quite new to the ****** space. Maybe I got some things wrong, but I have made a list of some major flaws I believe Nano has. Nano has to become anonymous. I don't want my Barrista at Starbucks to know how much Nano I own after I bought a coffe for a few bucks (someone Kodi nox wrote that...
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    tomato clown laying eggs

    The Cthulhu one is funny because he's just trying to live as normally as he can (his stay is apparently voluntary) and everyone inexplicably wants to do sacrifices and have blood orgies and shit for him, and he's crying in the shower Kodi nox because it's so gross.
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    Fluval Evo 13.5 stock

    Not really , Is been over a month since I removed the rocks , Ive been cleaning the tank daily when I see any hair algae problems and cleaning everything every week on my 20% water change day. So far there's no problems , my cuc is doing a good job of cleaning any algae. and I can see coralline...
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    black clown fish

    They’re not found in nature. They’re captive bred for the aquarium trade. There are hundreds of various “designer” clownfish available Showbox jiofi.local.html tplinklogin on the market.
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    Nano tank sump cleaning

    I try to change out 20-40 gallons a day. I have a hose ran to my tank that fills it from the top and a drain line ran out of my sump so all I have to do is turn on the water and go work on something else around the house. This should give me a full water change (~400 gallons) roughly every two...
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    Help With Flow

    Are people actually getting it to work ? lol Cuz I've been trying to get it to work for Showbox jiofi.local.html tplinklogin like 20 minutes
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    Flame Angel and Large Angel

    20g is minimum for a juvenile, but it can not live its life in a tank that small. Minimum I say is 55g for the length, 75g for pure size. I personally wouldn't get a flame for a tank that small. If you want an angel, get a flameback or pygmy, although Nox Vidmate VLC I think they are slightly...
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    Maroon Clown Needs Help!!!!

    My experience with pairing maroons in particular is not very good. Personally I’d as 2-3 for a harem and let the pecking order work itself out. I tried to pair lightning maroons and didn’t have any luck adding hem in one by one. I’ve had good luck keeping a clutch of Tutuapp 9Apps Showbox them...
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    Yellow Watchman Goby

    Can I keep one in a 20 tall, I have experience in the field of about 2 years. Live aquarium which is my go to says it needs a 30. But with the AqAdvisor it says my bio load will still be only 87 percent. Really want to have a goby so I can group it with a pistol shrimp and the yellow watchman is...
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    White spots on clownfish ??

    Looks like just a couple of scuffs to me. My clowns get these from time to time from just bumping against rocks Kodi nox when bullying the 6-line. 8-p
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    look what i found

    I'll pretty much always give my pocket change to a homeless person but I live in Canada and it gets so unimaginably cold I feel really bad that anyone has to live in that. You can die just from Tutuapp 9Apps Showbox being outside.
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    Metal Halide height

    I worked on a 36 plant bloom with four plants under each light, so 9 HPS fixtures at 1,000 watts each. Replaced the four corner lights with CMH 915 watts. Had to raise them to 31/2 feet above the canopy so as not to give the Nox Vidmate VLC plants too much light.
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    New Onyx Clownfish Pictures

    Yeah I love them so much, Piccasos are probably my favourite followed closely by black onyx. Sorry to hear you Kodi nox no longer have yours
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    Slow Growing Cyano

    I’d consider starting over and switching substrates. Sand capped soil would work better like you mentioned but I’d also look into enriched substrates like ADA Amazonia or UNS Controsoil Showbox jiofi.local.html tplinklogin for carpet plants like baby tears.
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    Who's got an angry fish story?

    That's Grand Admiral Thrawn levels of tactical planning and loophole-exploiting. I can't imagine how long it too somebody to figure all the calculations out for the maximum Speed Test level of fuckery.
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    Royal Gramma and Blackcap Basslet together

    I would consider a 55 gallon reef right above the nano category, as your bigger fish (tangs and angels) will not be compatible after their Tutuapp 9Apps Showbox juvenile sizes. You do have plenty of options though:
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    JBJ 6 gallon nano cube

    I’m sure you tried it prior to tear down, but if not, chemiclean does absolute wonders with cyano and it works Tutuapp 9Apps Showbox extremely fast. My 30g cube was riddled of cyano in 48 hours a few months ago.
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    Clown fish getting aggressive

    If your pair was purchased as juveniles, this could just be aggression manifesting themselves as they get older. However, ocellaris (particularly captive bred ones) aren't generally very aggressive ... unless they're breeding. Check around the tank to see if there might...
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    You'd say I'm probably insane with this idea.

    I think you are making an error in equating Diogenes actions to his genius, he isn't a philosopher we still talk about because he did those things, he is a philosopher we talk about still because of the reasons he did those things. He made an argument about the nature of life, something to the...