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  1. bang guy

    Spawning Pair of Clown Fish

    Do you have your own test kits? Very important. If you do have test kits can you list the current water parameters? Breathing heavy is definitely a sign of stress. Could be the new environment or it could be the water parameters have changed since you had the LFS test your water. One common...
  2. bang guy

    aqua one NanoReef 35 any tips for new beginner

    If you can find a reliable way to consistently dose limewater to replace your evaporation. This will maintain a lower PH and high carbonate levels (as well as Calcium). High flow rate but not to the point where temperature gets too high. Same with light. If you carefully choose corals from...
  3. bang guy

    Dying Anemones

    The new tank is the issue. Give the Anemone to someone with an established tank or back to the store. Once your tank has been established for a year or so and you have proper lighting and water flow you can try again.
  4. bang guy

    Deflated Anemone

    They need to occasionally deflate. Especially after a large meal. I wouldn't worry about it unless it stays deflated for more than a day or so.
  5. bang guy

    Making an older clown accept a partner?

    I will second the post from Imforbis
  6. bang guy

    32 Biocube Question

    It depends on the relative humidity around the tank. If you run air conditioning for example, the humidity will be low and water will evaporate faster. As a rough estimate I'd plan on about a gallon every other day.
  7. bang guy

    Male clownfish eating eggs after years of successful spawns.

    Hey ST, The male will typically eat unhealthy or dead eggs. This often happens when waterflow decreases around the pairs normal spawning area. This could be to changes to the tank or in my case I neglect trimming overgrown corals. It could also be the case that the male is thinking eggs are...
  8. bang guy

    Which fish, for 10 gal tank?

    ?!? Really?
  9. bang guy

    Bristle worm

    Looks to me like a beneficial type.
  10. bang guy

    What brown algea is growing on the bottom of my tank?

    The best way to prevent Diatoms is to limit Silicates. Once they are there.... it's tough to get rid of.
  11. bang guy

    What is this

    This is a really blurry picture. Sorry, I can't tell what it is.
  12. bang guy

    Need help to id

    Where should I be looking in the picture? I see something that looks like a Collonista Snail just south of middle. Is that the critter you're asking about?
  13. bang guy

    Which fish, for 10 gal tank?

    A barnacle Blenny or a couple Clown Gobies would work. Once you have some experience A Pistol Shrimp with a Shrimp Goby of some type can be very entertaining.
  14. bang guy

    Macroalgae ID

    My preference is the compost heap. It's outstanding fertilizer for tomatoes.
  15. bang guy

    Macroalgae ID

    fCouple notes from my experience. Trim out the older stems, not the new growth. Trimming the new growth causes it to halt growth for a couple days and it is the growth of the algae that consumes the Phosphates and Nitrogen. This also reduces the risk of sporulation. If you see the stems of...
  16. bang guy

    Sugar dose post cycle

    Do you have anything in the tank for bacteria to colonize on?
  17. bang guy

    So. Who are you voting for?

    I'm going to write in Beaslbob.
  18. bang guy

    possible green fish choices

    These guys could not be easier to care for. They mostly just sit around but they do have some good personality.
  19. bang guy

    Macroalgae ID

    I adamantly do not agree with this. The reason is that denitrifying bacteria and nitrifying bacteria are pretty much opposite in preferred real estate. Nitrifying bacteria require highly oxygenated areas and denitrifying bacteria require lowly oxygenated areas. I will agree that if a...
  20. bang guy

    Sugar dose post cycle

    Still Ghost feed. I would also suggest either getting a new Nitrite test or just stop testing it and ignore it. I do not believe you are getting accurate results with your Nitrite test and that is worse than not testing it at all. (Not true for other parameters...)