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  1. huggie

    Please look at my pictures, am I doing something wrong?

    I would try to feed them an see what they do, try some small pices of silversides?
  2. huggie

    why buy frags buy my tank

    PM sent
  3. huggie

    WTB: Berghia Nudibranch

    Yes, my shrimp ate the small one's first, then they all must of ganged up on the big ones. I still have one shrimp left, the other 2 died, but, still no Aptesia's an it's been at least 5 months now.
  4. huggie

    WTB: Berghia Nudibranch

    My fish store told me that are two kinds of peppermint shrimp,the one kind will eat aptesia an the other kind will not? the ones that were sold to me did eat all of them in my tank plus my little white feather dusters:( ? has anyone else been told this? and my tank had a lot of the some were...
  5. huggie

    Black clown and pearl white bubble coral???

    I bet that is something to see can't wait to see pic's
  6. huggie

    Start of one "BIG" SPS tank

    Oh no, that is to bad Thank you
  7. huggie

    Start of one "BIG" SPS tank

    I ment Clown Tang!!!
  8. huggie

    Start of one "BIG" SPS tank

    I could be a clown Tank but, not sure?
  9. huggie

    Start of one "BIG" SPS tank

    is shows 6-17-2008, 2;21 PM #1606
  10. huggie

    Start of one "BIG" SPS tank

    It is post 1,184
  11. huggie

    Start of one "BIG" SPS tank

    Hi I have a question, on page 33,could you tell me what kind of fish is in the bag? I really like that fish, and is it still doing good? thank you
  12. huggie

    We need a sticky

    very nice right up,alot of good info.
  13. huggie

    HELP - Anemone Dying??????

    It's color looks good, if it were mine, i would try a small water change, keep everything clean a fresh in tank, or put it in a drip bucket, how did you acclamate it an for how long? some like to hide when their first put their any place it can go in your tank to hide it looks like it is...
  14. huggie

    Start of one "BIG" SPS tank

    Wow. it took me 2 an a half days to finish this site but, worth it very nice, I love all your Tangs they are my favorite fish. could you send me info. on where you bought your rose anemone Thank you
  15. huggie

    Whats going on with my BTA?

    does it have a mouth yet? if so have you tried feeding it a little bit of food ?they like silversides.? looks like a little clone from the larger one.
  16. huggie

    14 Gallon BioCube

    do ric's need any special lighting or do you treat them just like other shrooms like as fare as lighting and temp. and water flow?
  17. huggie

    FREE Moray Eel!!!

    I do not understand why someone does not just set him freeeeeeeeeeee back in the ocean!!!!!!!!!!
  18. huggie

    new BTA attachment

    try an find it a spot where it can hide a little bit, it might be still stressed an needs to feel safe again. then try to feed it a little bit not much,if it drops its food that is ok, just try again in a few days, this way it will stay where it knows it will get some food, make sure it has good...
  19. huggie


    yes, they go to sleep when lights go out.