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  1. guzman825


    i dont hav to do anything to the live rock before i transfer it?
  2. guzman825


    i really hav no idea which forum this suppost to go to, well anyways: i want to transfer my fish to another tank which is like across the room from it, so it should be easy. the tank is already set up with one fish in it, so it is good. what is the first steps in transfering the live rock and...
  3. guzman825

    protein skimmer

    mine is a 58g
  4. guzman825

    BIGGEST mistake you've made in the hobby

    my biggest mistake so far was not acclimating my fish before i put them in the tank, i felt like an idiot.
  5. guzman825

    protein skimmer

    oh, i see
  6. guzman825

    protein skimmer

    Originally Posted by sharkbait9 do bears s*** in the woods? this was kinda random
  7. guzman825

    protein skimmer

    oh. are they best to hav in a reef tank?
  8. guzman825

    protein skimmer

    WOW, never thought of it like that lol
  9. guzman825

    Beautiful Algae, what is it?

    that looks awesome. i wonder how it just grows out of no where. i want some
  10. guzman825

    protein skimmer

    are protein skimmers really nessesary?
  11. guzman825

    tank cycling

    what are ways that i can help start the cycling process in my tank without adding live rock? thanks
  12. guzman825

    New Predator Tank

    give him a break people. and what the othe people r saying is right, that is WAY too small for those fish. im sure u have heard this alot.
  13. guzman825

    How many green chromis?

    you may be able to put that much, but i would add them last.
  14. guzman825

    Some Pics Of My 55

    how about a full tank shot. looks good. i hav a 55g also
  15. guzman825

    37g stocking ideas??

    Originally Posted by Keri You could try a pygmy angelfish if you want something with some colour but I wouldn't go with a tang in that size. Some of the little angelfish are more reef safe than others - are you planning on having corals? yeah
  16. guzman825

    37g stocking ideas??

    wut would be best to put in a 37g. i wanted to put maybe a small tang in there, would that be ok? just need some ideas, thanks
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    Octopus babies!

    wow! i didnt even know that was possible to hav octopus babies in the home aquarium. hope everything works out
  18. guzman825

    hurricane Ike, help!!

    hurricane ike might come to corpus christi!! wut should i do about my pets?! and especialy my fish?!
  19. guzman825

    So, New tank......

    wut kind of lighting do u hav????
  20. guzman825

    Ick Attack?

    is Ick Attack suppose to be a brownish color, because when i poured it in, it made my tank clowdy. so is it suppose to be that color?? and does it contain copper?? thanks.