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  1. sigmachris

    Is there a book about tank / equipment?

    The wall it is going in is about 14' long. I want this to be a see through tank with my office on one side and the back wall of the basement bar on the other side. I am thinking a tank 6' to 8' long, 3' to 4' wide and 30" deep depending on what I do with the wet room. With a 14' long wall, I...
  2. sigmachris

    Is there a book about tank / equipment?

    So about 3 years ago I started a biocube to see if this addiction will last. Well it has so I am looking to jump into a large in wall tank. The thing is, sumps, skimmers, and plumbing are all foreign to me. Is there a book that explains all of this? I am probably at least a year away. I am...
  3. sigmachris

    Iran to develop NUCLEAR WARHEAD by the beginning of 2010!

    I have never understood what gave us the right to tell other countries they can or can't have nukes. We are the only ones to ever use a nuclear device on another country. Yet we can dictate to our enemies, they must bring a knife to a gun fight. Sorry that is the best analogy I can come up with.
  4. sigmachris

    My first trip to california

    Some people need to look at a map before chiming in. El Cahon is a suburb of San Diego. Santa Barbra is at least 4 hours away by car. Aquarium of Pacific is in Long Beach and 2 hours away, not worth it in opinion. Don't let the boys fool you into Blacks Beach, it is clothing optional. SD Zoo is...
  5. sigmachris

    25 Random Songs

    Takes too long to type out and I consider myself a good typist.
  6. sigmachris

    Saturn (GM)

    My wife has had an Outlook for over a year and we love it. No troubles with it what so ever. The AWD in the light snow we get in southern Ohio makes for great traction control. The gas milage isn't what we expected (20 to 25) but we average about 16 mpg with most of that being city driving...
  7. sigmachris

    Is it safe to spray paint in my house?

    Originally Posted by YearOfTheNick I grew up in Danville too... went to SRVHS... where did you go to HS? when did you graduate? MVHS grad of '92
  8. sigmachris

    Uh oh, sliding in the polls.

    In 72 hours he angered the military right (Gitmo), the religious right (international abortion funding / Mexico City policy I think its nickname is), and he hasn't solved the recession / banking crisis (ignorant, if people think this is an easy fix).
  9. sigmachris

    Is it safe to spray paint in my house?

    Originally Posted by YearOfTheNick When I first read this thread title, I thought he asked if it was ok to spray paint his house... I missed the "inside" part haha. I did too (I grew up in Danville, so it must be an East Bay thing)
  10. sigmachris

    Supreme Court question

    Originally Posted by reefraff It is up to the president when an opening for the Chief Justice comes up. He can nominate a sitting justice and then someone to take that person's spot on the court or as in Bushes case just nominate a new chief. Thanks
  11. sigmachris

    Supreme Court question

    Why is John Roberts the Chief Justice yet he is the newest judge on the court?
  12. sigmachris

    150 million dollar inauguration

    Check out this article...basically Obama's cost estimate is including security. Bush's 2005 inauguration of $40MM didn't include security costs. If you add Bush's security cost then the tabs for both events are about even.
  13. sigmachris

    Gonna go see Dubya

    Make sure you look to see that the Secret Service allows on the property. For Obama this past fall before the election, you were not allowed to bring in cameras that had a detachable zoom lens. Basically SLRs and 35mm cameras. They want you to only have point and shoot digital cameras or...
  14. sigmachris

    What's something you've done people would find odd?

    Does spending hundreds of dollars on "Live Rock" count? People outside of the hobby think that is pretty weird.
  15. sigmachris

    Disneyland help from the vetrans?

    Originally Posted by mie Kids are 9, 14, 17. We are goin the last two weeks of march during the week. Don't really care about attendance at school, my kids are all honor roll kids, they have missed school before with no issues. I didn't mean to question why were you pulling the kids from...
  16. sigmachris

    Disneyland help from the vetrans?

    Originally Posted by mie Great advice, thanks. From your experience is march a better time to go? Will there be a significant decrease in people therefore shorter lines? March will be better than summer. How do your kids have time off from school, is it spring break yet? If so, there may be...
  17. sigmachris

    Their In The Air, Their In The Air!!!!!!!!

    Originally Posted by bigarn I thought they were designer jeans ... I didn't know what "their" is either...was it "there" or "they're", but whatever "their" is, congratulations. (sorry I don't mean to be the grammar police, but this one screws with the meaning of your statement to confuse us...
  18. sigmachris

    How long do we have ? ? ?

    Originally Posted by TheClemsonKid "Murder rate per 100,000 residents in counties won by: Democrats: 13.2 Republicans: 2.1" What exactly does that have to do with anything? I think they are trying to say that the Democratic counties are uncivilized.
  19. sigmachris

    Disneyland help from the vetrans?

    Fast pass is this...not all the rides offer it, but most of the popular ones do. You take your tix to the front of the ride (separate line from those waiting to ride the ride). They will scan your park tix and give you paper ticket for a cut in line / fast pass. So say its 10.00am and you get...
  20. sigmachris

    Disneyland help from the vetrans?

    If your kids are older and enjoy real roller coasters, check out 6 Flags Magic Mountain too. The Long Beach Aquarium is good but not great. Universal Studios is not all that great. If your kids are younger, Knots Berry Farm is a fun Disneyland type park and worth a day there.