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  1. niskyvaulter

    zoo mosaics

    Originally Posted by GrouperGenius Zoas grow at different rates also. Some may just overtake the others. so if you trimmed it, and had enough zoos of different colors for it, it would work. im really attatched to this idea. maybe when im older ill have enough and i could make something. i dont...
  2. niskyvaulter

    som pic of my reef

    whatre the dimensions on that monster?
  3. niskyvaulter

    zoo mosaics

    i got an idea, but i dont have the resources nor the knowledge of corals to do this. what if you had lots of zoos of different colors and fragged them into one polyp frags, then glued them onto a rock together to form a picture? would this work? if so would anyone with lots of zoos like to try it?
  4. niskyvaulter

    Anybody know a name for these little ladies

    are you looking for the real name or are we making one up? i dont know it anyway. i call them "helo kitties"- has that been taken yet?
  5. niskyvaulter

    MY new trag tank...

    great looking tank and amazing pics. do you like looking at your frag tank? because if you just use it for growout then you could get lower K bulbs which would give rediculous growth.
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    75 and 90 Gallon FTS

    Originally Posted by BBB Here's my 75. The pic's from May so it's changed some. is that really a 75? it looks like its at least 6ft. amazing aquascaping job
  7. niskyvaulter

    Vicarious (55gal Reef)

    thats an amazing job for how hard 55s are to 'scape. gives me lots of inspiration for mine. what kind of camera/lenses are you using.
  8. niskyvaulter

    Got Shrooms-show em

    oh... those kinds. very misleading
  9. niskyvaulter


    im not sure how new this tank is, (you said you were new at this), but you should wait a few months after the cycle before adding things that need pristine water quality. also, i would add the anemone first so it gets settled-which usually happens within a day or two if lighting is sufficient...
  10. niskyvaulter

    looking for a new fish

    if you dont care about the shrimp then maybe a hawkfish, or a bluejaw or a crosshatch, if you have the $$.
  11. niskyvaulter

    Protein Skimmer- $80

    skimmers are something where price really does equal quality. what size is your setup? you dont need to buy top of the line $300 dollar skimmers for like a 55, but you shouldnt go with cheapos.
  12. niskyvaulter

    Sump Build: Traditional Tank vs. Rubbermaid?

    Originally Posted by reefkprZ well to run a baffeless sump you basicly need any source of incoming bubbles as far from your return as possible. also if you angle your down line so it shoots across the water instead of straight down it helps aerate as well as doesn not force bubbles down into...
  13. niskyvaulter

    HELP! just found baby jelly fish in my tank!

    do you have a camera phone? its better than nothing. id go with hydroid.
  14. niskyvaulter

    My temporary 25 reef thread...(56k careful)

    Originally Posted by reefkprZ it is a brittle star. scientificly there is no distinction between the two. only in the hobby do we differentiate between brittle and serpent start. they are all brittle stars. im not sure, ive never heard that so i looked it up. they are of the same order...
  15. niskyvaulter

    Down to my last fish!

    Originally Posted by scott79 call me rude, call me arrogant, but his statement was uncalled for. there are plenty of nicer ways he could have stated it. When it all comes down to it, it is the buyers choice. sorry. i wouldnt have said that had i known about the 400. i was assuming the 75 was a...
  16. niskyvaulter

    65G Reef with Question....

    When you say Kh, what exactly are you talking about?
  17. niskyvaulter

    Help jumping Tang

    im sorry to hear that. koles are my favorite tang. fish just jump sometimes. when they get startled, they have a burst of speed, sometimes its in an upwards direction. tangs dont usually jump but its not unheard of. buy some eggcrate for your tank.
  18. niskyvaulter

    Tang Police: Is It Our Job?

    I have recently been wondering this because it seems that half the people I help either have a fish that should not be in a tank of that size, or want to purchase one. I know I should discourage them from buying one. But if you are helping somebody on an unrelated problem, or someone is showing...
  19. niskyvaulter

    Down to my last fish!

    sorry but none of those fish should go in a 75 (neither should the blue).
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    why do you want damsels?