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  1. swtanks

    F/S Western Hognose

    I am in CT. Shipping is pretty easy. Drop it off at Airborne before they close for delivery the next day. She doesn't do the "show" when you try to remove her from the cage? No playing dead? Does she eat unscented prey? Is she taking F/T? Try to post a pic and maybe we can do something.
  2. swtanks

    F/S Western Hognose

    Male or female? How old? Light phase? How's it's temperament-hood,hiss,or docile? Post a pic of it. I may be interested.
  3. swtanks

    Anyone ever get attacked by their fish?

    I had a false percula that was a nippy little bugger. Everytime I did maintenance (clean the glass, adjust a PH, etc.) this sucker would bite me. I could not put my hand in the tank without getting nipped. Never caused any damage but it was really annoying.
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    Your Photos..

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    If you live in the US forget about an Asian aro. They are illegal. Some countires in Europe also enforce the ban. They are an endangered CITES 1 species. Even though there are farmed/tagged aros for sale, the law does not distinguish between those and the wild ones. Big time fines and jail time...
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    Oceanic 72 bowfront for sale in CT

    2.0L SOHC
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    Oceanic 72 bowfront for sale in CT

    It's a 97 Dodge Neon (yes, I am now finding out just how crappy the aluminum headgaskets on these things are). Anyway, there is 50K miles on it and my coolant system looks like it is filled with chocolate milk. It needs the redesigned steel head as well as the new cam sensor that goes with the...
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    Oceanic 72 bowfront for sale in CT

    Need to replace a head gasket. Email me on the tank. Let's make a deal.
  9. swtanks

    Oceanic 72 bowfront for sale in CT

    I am in Seymour.
  10. swtanks

    Oceanic 72 bowfront for sale in CT

    $500 takes everything.
  11. swtanks

    Oceanic 72 bowfront for sale in CT

    Setup as FW now but can be converted to SW or kept as is if you have multiple tanks. Black Oceanic 72 bowfront tank. Black ABS canopy and black reef ready ABS stand with smoked glass door. Emperor 400 filter with unopened 2 pack of carbon inserts. TetraTec deepwater air pump with airline tubing...
  12. swtanks

    whats a good price for a leopard shark

    The prices have gone up a little this season. I have seen them range from $129.99 to $249.99 depending upon the size and where the store is. Getting one for $149.99 seems about right.
  13. swtanks

    shark movement in egg?

    It's probably getting ready to hatch. There was a lot of movement before because the pup had room to move. Right before they hatch, they are cramped in the egg. If it is about 6 inches now, expect it to break free pretty soon. It should hatch right after the yolk is used up.
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    I walked into a LFS one day (Petland Discounts) and they had a 2 baby leopards in a tank with a carpet anenome. One shark was dead and the anenome was trying to eat it. I would not trust the 2 together.
  15. swtanks

    how big will eel get

    Three years to go from the size of a pencil to a little over 2 feet and as thick as a quarter.
  16. swtanks

    pics of anything and everything i own

    Oh man. You're killing me. Those pics are huge and took forever to see and there was no leopard shark. You've got a juvenile brownbanded bamboo shark.
  17. swtanks

    Another pic

    Thanks. Finally have a pic to post of the shark where it's not hiding in it's cave.
  18. swtanks

    Another pic

  19. swtanks

    Off Topic: What is Your Computer Choice

    I have a Dell but only because I got it at a huge discount when my company ordered 2,000 new PC's. I added mine to the order list and got it for next to nothing.
  20. swtanks

    hiding shark

    They really aren't very active. It is probably hiding a lot more than usaul since it is still nervous about the new home. It will make appearences during the day after it settles in. They are active at night. It's normal for them to be hiding when the tank lights are on.