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  1. deelucky

    4 Sale In New York.

    hey all broke down my 90gal being that im moving to florida very soon and have a few items i need to get rid of. 100+ lbs of LR $300 for all. crocea clam about 4"ish---$40 esv sand 100lbs 50 fine/50 course---$50(just need a lil washing.)
  2. deelucky

    Things 4 Sale In New York.

    hey all i have a ASM G3 protien skimmer comes with the sedra 5000 pump $200 aquaclear heater---$15 90gal RR(has scratches)---$100
  3. deelucky ordering ???

    they have these specials but when i order those selected items its at the original price anyone have a clue how it works.?
  4. deelucky

    zebra eel in reef tank?

    thanks for the input guys it really helped.
  5. deelucky

    zebra eel in reef tank?

    sound pretty good the only shrimp in the tank are cleaner shrimp,and the reason i decided on the zebra is like you stated because of there mild mannered.i would like to hear a lil more before i take the plunge.thanks
  6. deelucky

    zebra eel in reef tank?

    as the title states i was wondering if it is a good idea to put a zebra moray in a 125gal reef setup.i would like to get one but i want to make sure first if this is a disaster waiting to happen.thanks all
  7. deelucky

    Odd Anemone-looking Creatures

    sponge.some looklike q-tip sponge and its a sign of a maturing tank
  8. deelucky

    Panther Grouper still will not eat...

    did you try some garlic extreme or any other garlic addatives?there good for getting fish to eat.did you try giving him another type of food?.sometimes fish lose there taste for certain he getting harrassed?yellow tangs can get a lil nasty towards tankmates.
  9. deelucky

    zebra eel in reef tank?

    i woul like to get a zebra eel and i have a 125 but its a reef tank with shrimps and my question is,would this be a disaster waiting to happen or could he live out in a reef system?.
  10. deelucky

    cycle question

    ok i have been in the hobby now for about a year,and i convinced my parents to convert there 125 to saltwater. now i set this up thursday so its been three days now.everything is new accept for 60lbs of live rock that came from an established question is should i let it play out a few...
  11. deelucky

    Red Chili coral for trade western new york

    check out manhattan
  12. deelucky

    looking for ricordia

    Originally Posted by albie611 hi all, live in south jersey im a newby and looking for some small ricordia, either green or orange or anything cool to add to my 20 gal mini. and possibly frag for trading later on. hey listen i got some rics also we have a reef club here in ny for the tri-state...
  13. deelucky

    Got my first anemone

    Originally Posted by mryoung7 yes, other than being bleached, it looks good. the shriveling is pretty normal. but i'd disagree with you that it just needs to be fed and given good water quality. the water quality goes without saying but it needs strong light much more than it needs any solid...
  14. deelucky

    Got my first anemone

    feed your anenomes they cant just survive on light alone...
  15. deelucky

    lets see those bubbletips

    my rbta is under 96w nova extreme 24" on a 29gal and its doing great.also feeding is very important along with light never forget that.
  16. deelucky

    Got my first anemone

    i dont know why ppl insist that you must have mh to keep an long as you have an established system and atleast vho you'll be good to go.not saying that success is will happen because ppl do tend to add anenomes to newly set up tanks but here is 2 anenomes one is my rbta with my clowns...
  17. deelucky

    lets see those bubbletips

  18. deelucky

    what kind sea cucumber is the safest?

    dont get the pretty colored ones those tend to have a stronger toxin then the less appealing cukes.i have one and it look like someone took a dump in my tank lol.i heard that tiger tails are less toxic.mine is an atlantic.
  19. deelucky

    lets see those bubbletips

    lets show off our bta's
  20. deelucky

    F/S 65g tank in NY

    hey crox check out great forums for us local new could let put me down as recommender.