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  1. michelle13

    oklahoma people

    I am from Stillwater. I am taking all of my stuff to Leigh Ann on Sunday and then will be selling all of my equipment. Sato let me know if you need anything and I might be able to cut you a good deal.
  2. michelle13

    Selling complete 29 gal in OK

    Moray, the lowest I will go is $450. I can part it out and make that much. I will get back with the rest of you this weekend when I have more time, right now I have to go to work.
  3. michelle13

    Selling complete 29 gal in OK

    The MH that is in the fixture is a 12k, but needs to be replaced. The other bulb is a 10k, it was used for a month and then I put the 12k in because I liked the color better.
  4. michelle13

    Selling complete 29 gal in OK

    Firedad: I'm in Stillwater SJG: If I don't sell it as a complete setup by this weekend I will be parting it out. I will let you know later in the weekend and if your still interested we can figure something out. Thanks
  5. michelle13

    Selling complete 29 gal in OK

    I'm going back to school next month so I need to sell my baby. It's a 29 gallon with 10 gallon sump, 2 gal fuge, Kent Nautilus skimmer, 175 Watt Metal Halide with two 17 watt NO's, extra halide bulb, phosban reactor, heater, four powerheads, 2 return pumps, approx. 30 lbs. live sand, approx. 40...
  6. michelle13

    44 gal Pentagon needs a home

    Forgot the second
  7. michelle13

    44 gal Pentagon needs a home

    Yeah, it's an all glass aquarium. I have attatched two pictures. Sorry about the quality, I think I have the first digital camera they ever made!
  8. michelle13

    44 gal Pentagon needs a home

  9. michelle13

    44 gal Pentagon needs a home

    44 gallon corner AGA. Has one small scratch on side, does not come with stand or canopy but has lid. I had it filled about 10 months ago (didn't leak), but it has since been sitting in a closet so it needs to go. I will arrange for you to pick it up in Stillwater, Oklahoma. I'm asking $60 OBO
  10. michelle13

    update on tiny white tubes on live rock...

    They are Syconoid sponges of the genus Sycon. Filter-feeders... harmless, and even desirable.
  11. michelle13

    Clam or not a Clam ?

    Not a clam. It looks like a very unhealthy bubble coral. They like low flow, moderate light, and meaty foods. Mine used to enjoy small pieces of shrimp about twice a week.
  12. michelle13

    Is This Evrything I Need For My Tank #3 rerevised list

    I think 7 fish is too much for a 29 gal. Did I understand you correctly? Otherwise it looks like a good start.
  13. michelle13

    reef tanks???? pros, please help..

    I might be able to help a little. 1. Reef tanks are expensive, if you don't want to spend the money then don't bother. 2. Not sure about the filter, I don't run one on my 29 gal. 3. Bubble stones are worthless in a saltwater tank and create too much salt creep. 4. The lighting will depend on...
  14. michelle13

    my tank is seeing first ich outbreak HELP!

    A place for them to hide, they'll get even more stressed with no place to go.
  15. michelle13

    Peppermint shrimp eat bristleworms?

    My pep ate most of my pods and bristle worms. i got rid of the pep and am trying to rebuild my populations!
  16. michelle13

    ? about new fuge

    Thanks for the info. Right now I will just run the lights opposite of the main tank because of the heat. My MH puts off enough heat, I don't need the addition of another heat source! Fall will come soon enough and then I can leave it on 24 hrs/day. I think I heard that too....that cheato...
  17. michelle13

    ? about new fuge

    Seems I'm not the only one with this question! Anyone have an idea?
  18. michelle13

    ? about new fuge

    I recently set up a fuge with live rock and cheato, I'm wondering how long it will take to see a reduction in hair algea? Also, how long should my lights be on? I am currently running it completely opposite of my tank so it's on for about 11 hours or so. Thanks!
  19. michelle13

    reef safe

    I think it means it's compatible with corals and inverts.
  20. michelle13

    Where are the snails?

    What's the temperature of your tank? I have noticed when mine gets above about 81, my turbos die. So I just bought different snails for the summer.:)