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  1. aries

    it seems im never going to sell this so i guess i will part

    I like it and want it if its still available.
  2. aries

    Any interest in a begginer frag pack?

    Let me know
  3. aries

    Pretties for sale! = )

    Let me know
  4. aries

    Live Rock

    Do you mean you don't know how to ship it?
  5. aries

    Zoa rock with shrooms

    how big and how much to send to Daphne, AL I sent you an email earlier.
  6. aries

    frags and colonies for sale

    Let me know
  7. aries

    Would like to buy some live rock

    In Daphne, AL 36526
  8. aries

    Has anyone used Pimafix to cure Ick?

    That's what I thought, but the owner of the local fish store swears it will cure it. Yellow and blue tangs, damsels, LR, Snails, hermits, and a bubble brittle star. Here is the product description from the website, maybe the "prevents the development of resistant strains of disease-causing...
  9. aries

    live rock

    I'll take 25lbs of the premium, most covered coraline algae and any other "good" life rock you have. Let me know the total cost to ship to 36526 and how you want to be paid.
  10. aries

    Has anyone used Pimafix to cure Ick?

    Its a type of tree oil and an astrigent. I've been told its a good remedy for tanks with inverts (will not effect). Simply add to water and remove carbon. Its also supposed to be good for cuts and injuries other fish may have. ???
  11. aries

    ich attack please help : (

    Has anyone tried pimafix? Its supposed to knock out the ick and is safe for all (need to remove the carbon).
  12. aries

    FS: fiji live rock-$2.50/lb-Tampa

    How much live rock do you have left?
  13. aries

    Need a Protein Skimmer

    What is the best bang for the buck? I have a 100 gallon tank. Also, where is the best place to buy?
  14. aries

    $10 toadstools

    Can you send some pics to
  15. aries

    All coral and livestock Ohio

    Can you post pics? I want some, but can't decide which would be better.
  16. aries

    Ricordia frag time is near!

    Thanks, looks like we are going to visit the inlaws instead of the beach. Can you give me a quick tutorial on care of the rics requirements?
  17. aries

    16 lbs LR for sale

    I'll take it. Let me know how you want payment. You can either PM me or email me at
  18. aries

    LIVE ROCK for Sale - Will Ship

    I'll take 20 to 25 pounds. Please let me know if you still have any left.
  19. aries

    Ricordia frag time is near!

    I may be in Gulf Shores this weekend. If your going to be home Sat or Sunday afternoon, would you mind if I stopped by to look at your tank?