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  1. malibu599

    San Diego, CA where is the best pet shop

    I am going to San Diego soon, where is the BEST REEF shop. Not only to buy but that will just blow me away! Help please
  2. malibu599

    Omaha, NE Residents

    Anyone live in Omaha, NE what is a good saltwater fish store to visit?
  3. malibu599

    Omaha, NE Residents

    Anyone who lives in or around Omaha, Ne please let me know which pet shops to visit. I am coming down around Memorial Day. Thanks
  4. malibu599

    WTB Frags

    what do you have available from texas? How much ??
  5. malibu599

    Question about lighting, please help a young hobbyist!

    Depends on just one tube in your striplight or two. But, I have 60 watts over my 20 gallon and my mushrooms and toadstool are doing ok.
  6. malibu599

    UV Sterilizer

    Will a UV sterilizer help to control red slime or any algae problem?
  7. malibu599

    wanting to get some mushrooms

    standard flouresent should be fine 80 watts would be nice
  8. malibu599

    What to add next?

    Believe it or not I am actually running out of things to add to my reef! I have recently upgraded the lighting, filtration, and protein skimmer. What else can I add? Also, I have a 20 gallon that I would like to start putting corals in what lighting do you guys recommend?? Thanks
  9. malibu599

    Anyone close to south dakota

    What will you have to trade?
  10. malibu599

    advice for first reef tank please...

    1. It depends on what type of corals. Soft corals such as mushrooms will be ok. But I would be careful of your bubble tip with only 130 watts. 2. Yes, the fluval makes an excellent filter. I like maxi-jet and penguin powerheads. 3. I would recommend using a protein skimmer. I have a cpr...
  11. malibu599

    Anyone close to south dakota

    It is near Rapid City or Western south dakota
  12. malibu599

    Overflow system??

    hey Squidd, Can you go into detail about the parts which you are using? Thanks anymore information would be appreciated.
  13. malibu599

    Denver LFS - Clam question

    I am going to denver and am curious to buy new corals. Mainly soft corals, however I know that clams take excessive light. I have 192 watts on a 46 gallon bowfront will this be enough if I put him up towards the top of my aquarium??? Also, Denver locals let me know which stores to visit in Denver
  14. malibu599

    Anyone close to south dakota

    HEy I am into corals and want to trade but don't want to pay shipping if anyone in south dakota or nearby with frags reply
  15. malibu599


    How much for the frags and will you ship them all? shipping cost to 57701?
  16. malibu599

    HOB FUGE help

    hey just search yahoo for cpr hang on refugium that will take you to sites that sell them
  17. malibu599

    HOB FUGE help

    I also have a 46 gallon bowfront and was considering the following adding a refugium. I have looked at cpr hand ons they range from 12 -24 inch. And I have also considered adding a sump which will serve as a refugium with macroalgae. The sump will cost more though since I have to buy some...
  18. malibu599

    Refugium or sump????

    Here is the deal I currently have a 46 gallon reef aquarium. I am looking to grow macro algae and best benefit my system. I have oolitic sand and am running a cpr protein skimmer, custom sea life 192 watts, fluval 304, and 2 maxi jets (green), and the second biggest powersweep. My real...
  19. malibu599

    F/S Almost New 72w PC Hood

    How much are you looking to get?
  20. malibu599

    Help!!!!Converting to Sand

    Ok here is the deal, I have a 46 gallon bowfront with nitrates off the chart it currently has crushed coral. I want to change it to sand, what type of should I use? Also, should I make a plenum or simply put it on the bottom? Any other suggestions would be appreciated