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  1. zoidberg01

    what is this and how do I get rid of it

    I.was gone for two weeks and this appeard
  2. zoidberg01

    urgent help!!!

    My fish are barely eating and I discovered that they have ick, mt midas blenny and yellow tang died because they stopped eating and they had the white spots. I took ten gallons of water from the tank and put freshwater 10 gallons do you think it's enough for hyposalinity
  3. zoidberg01

    Starting a pico tank

    How is the tank
  4. zoidberg01

    Help with what something is

    If thats algae I strongly recommend a urchin or a sea hare. If you get a sea hare take it back to the lfs because it will starve and it releases toxins when dead or strwssed
  5. zoidberg01

    Maroon Clownfish problem... HELP ASAP

    Maroons are really hard to tame , they are really aggressive and always feel safer in corners
  6. zoidberg01

    Starting a pico tank

    I always liked the banjo, reminds me of my family
  7. zoidberg01

    Starting a pico tank

    Yeah it's best if you have a backup plan
  8. zoidberg01

    starting a nano tank

    Im thinking of putting one pirhana
  9. zoidberg01

    starting a nano tank

    I put the gravel and water put a rock from my other freshwater aquarium , I put the filter and did ghost feeding
  10. zoidberg01

    starting a nano tank

    My grandfather had a lot of fish tanks when he was a kid , he gave me one 15 gallons or lower and it came with gravel, filter,lid and lighting. What do I need to start a freshwater tank because my expertise is in saltwater
  11. zoidberg01

    Need Help - Fish Dieing Quick

    Check ammonia, nitrates or phosphates
  12. zoidberg01

    Starting a pico tank

    Don't worry it will end up nicely
  13. zoidberg01

    Starting a pico tank

    Looking good
  14. zoidberg01

    *** Gift Card Challenge ***

    I have two aquariums one is a 55 gallon fowlr with 10 beautiful fish and my other one is a 75 gallon reef with two royal grammas (I trained them to coexist) and a sailfin tang. I would like the gift card to buy a bicolot angelfish because my dad loves them he calls them michigan because it has...
  15. zoidberg01

    Silverado61's Stand and Tank build.

    Chaetomorpha is one of my favorites , but the best is mangrove but you have to buy a quemical that removes the smell
  16. zoidberg01

    Starting a pico tank

    you could also make a magnet shape bookshelf and the tank will fir right in
  17. zoidberg01

    Starting a pico tank

    If you are gonna buy it make sure it fits
  18. zoidberg01

    Is this stupid?.....biocube

    Pros: more space, you can get smaller fish when you get rid of the goby and damsel Cons: you have to get rid of the goby and one damsel and you have to watch out for the corals