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  1. golfish

    polyp extention on green slimer

    Forget about the none polyp side, its not an issue. Put the good side up and leave the freeking thing alone and let it do what it does.... lay it down on a nice flat rock so it wont get kicked or moved by current or critters....Yes, let it touch the rock, picture your self talking a pencil and...
  2. golfish

    chiller question

    That's the thing about those chillers...if you look at a good brand like the Aqua Logics or TradeWind chillers you'll see their 1/2 hp rates up too 500 gals. I know a little about these chillers, their not really what they say they are. The 1/2hp compares more like between a 1/4hp and a 1/3hp of...
  3. golfish

    Which do you like DE or SE MH?

    I've used both and I like both, back when I used DE's the best bulb you could get were 10K's, now we have the same choices (almost) in both DE and SE..I've been running 400 watt SE's for the past 4-5 years, I'm going to soon be switching to 250 watt DE's.. Tell us about your tank. You can get a...
  4. golfish

    Which lighting would be the best??? HELP ASAP PLEASE

    I agree, I'd go with the PC's....You'll be able to keep just about anything you want under the PC' clams cause your tanks a little small for em and no acros.. Oh, and needless to say no anemones
  5. golfish

    has anyone ever used a ozoneizer?

    Originally Posted by Squidd I'd like to hear the results of that.. I'm seriously considering setting one up on my aggressive to increase ORP/water quality and not a lot of currant info out there on on effective dosage and results... My buddies got one on his tank, and I like the "looks" but am...
  6. golfish

    Sea Hare

    Originally Posted by minitruck I lost mine to a power head accident. My sponge prefilter fell off and the sea hair wanderd too close........... That tends to kill em pretty fast...If your going to try and keep a Sea hare you MUST cover all pump intakes. These things aren't perddy when they...
  7. golfish

    has anyone ever used a ozoneizer?

    I'm going to try and use a reactor rather then my brand new skimmer to inject ozone...We're still working on it.
  8. golfish

    has anyone ever used a ozoneizer?

    Going to be setting up the Red Sea 100mg with controller this week.
  9. golfish

    polyp extention on green slimer

    Originally Posted by fishieness by the way...... on the bulbs.... i thought that you and reefnut said that they didnt make them? They are odyssea bulbs and do sell the 175 watters...... but someone said.... i dont remember who, that on another forum they found that it was a mistake that...
  10. golfish

    polyp extention on green slimer

    Originally Posted by fishieness with a 150 (i guess? even though the site said it was a 175, but everyone here said it must be a 150 since they dont make 175 DE bulbs) Have you done any homework on this? Have you found any other site that has 175 watt DE bulbs? Originally Posted by...
  11. golfish

    SPS problems HELP!

    Murph, Shoot me an e-mail
  12. golfish

    SPS problems HELP!

    Originally Posted by murph145 i dont think they were aqua cultured.... i know i have a few frags that were but the green stag im not too sure.... how would i know that?? it was a very large piece when i bought it i thought aqua cultured pieces were usually small frags ?? Ask your LFS... Aqua...
  13. golfish

    SPS problems HELP!

    Its a bummer to chop a coral up like that but it happens...You wont even be able to tell in a week. So, we both live in So Cal, I'll ask again, where are these corals coming from? aqua cultured, wild, or tank raised? What LFS? do you have a chiller?
  14. golfish

    SPS problems HELP!

    I think Dan and Bang both asked for some more details on your water quality...are you just missing those questions are avoiding them? Are you running Carbon? If not I think Dan brings up a very good point about the softies...could be a little war going on there. Did you forget to add the pictures?
  15. golfish

    Aty of fish in a 120 gal reef tank

    you have to consider adult size..I have about 16" of adult size fish in my 120 gal reef. I did borrow a large Copper Banded Bufferfly fish to rid the tank of Aptasis and added a 5" Rabbit fish to eat some of the Bryopsis. The CCB will be leaving in a few weeks seeing how all the aptasia are gone...
  16. golfish

    SPS problems HELP!

    I'm not the Wizard but here's what I'd do. First off I'd start cutting off all the dyingdead parts, go down the branch at least 1/4" of live coral and cut. Where are these corals coming from? aqua cultured, wild, or tank raised? Check the corals very close for red bugs and or acro eating flat...
  17. golfish

    Skimmer problem

    Have you tried reaming out the venturi on the pump intake? You also might want try the gate valve mod.
  18. golfish

    3X400 watt MH and 4X160 watt vho retro

    Originally Posted by Reefer_Fez The bulbs are German Made HQI's and the ballasts are made by Advance with a 5 year warranty. Sounds like a great setup to me....
  19. golfish

    E.t.s.s ?

    Originally Posted by crzyfshygy You never know.....It could be the pump. My LFS has been around the hobby 20years and he does not know everything. This hobby is has a lot to do with opinion and personal preference. Does anyone have one of these sumps other the GOLFISH who doesn't? I never...
  20. golfish

    Metal Halide Questions

    I've used l...250 watt SE's, DE's and 400 watt SE's....I'd check out Sanjay's lighting web site and see the diff. I've been running 400 watt bulbs on my current sps tank, I'll soon be switching to 250 watt DE's just for the hec of it...That's something you might want to consider, running 2x250...