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  1. cactus jack

    Sand sifters

    zebra eels are pretty peaceful. those gobies are amazing sand stirrers and do it constantly. they like to jump out of the tank. they are also tough to keep alive for long periods of time in most cases
  2. cactus jack

    Advice on first aggressive tank

    that sounds like it would be a pretty cool tank.
  3. cactus jack

    new tank setup

    what is up with all of you talking about max sizes of these fish in every topic? have you ever had one of these fish get these big? have you ever seen one this big? or are you just going by some book? these fish take a long time to get that big. the guy has a 200 gallon tank. that is...
  4. cactus jack


    the amount of rock and sand you have depends on what you want or what you are gonna keep. surprised some of you are giving this guy generalaites when you don't know what he was gonna keep in his tank. sharks and rays should not have lots of and sometimes no rock in their tank. and live sand...
  5. cactus jack

    large sharks

    you might want to contact this site if you haven't already
  6. cactus jack

    Dwarf Lion/Trigger

    do you have a tank yet? a dwarf can stay in a pretty small tank (20 gallon) and it would take some time for it to outgrow it. but it would have to be alone in that tank and how fun would that be? none. put it in a tank with some other fish in a much larger tank.
  7. cactus jack

    I need eel suggestions

    pass on the ribbon it will likely get out of your tank and outgrow it quickly. the snowflake is very passive and wouldn't even bite you if you put your finger by its mouth. its also a community eel and can be found easily in small sizes. just ask your fav lfs to get you a small one. if they...
  8. cactus jack

    Clean-up crew = not

    is it red and mat/slime like covering rocks and stuff or is it something else? where is it in your tank? on the gravel or rocks?
  9. cactus jack

    blue ribbon eel ate cleaner shrimp?

    i'm guessing the trigger but the eel could have done it also. you've got a strange combo of fish in your tank what's up with that? you should probably decide if you want exclusively aggressive or get rid of the eel and trigger and go community with inverts
  10. cactus jack

    is it ok to transfer my eel now??

    being patient like that gives you a big leg up on your fellow hobbyist. i'm sure you will be rewarded. your tank sounds more than ready for new additions.
  11. cactus jack

    Stars and stripes puffer...anyone have one?

    stars and stripes are great puffers to have
  12. cactus jack

    New Puffer Added To Collection

    do you have the porks in the same tank? they don't bite off each others tailfins? or are you feeding constantly? sounds like fun to have that much personality in one tank.
  13. cactus jack

    What Trigger fish can I add....PinkTail Trigger

    pinktails are great triggers. all the triggers are going to eat any invert you put in your tank. a coral banded may be able to protect itself because of its claws but the trigger will likely get it when its napping over time. fish are kind of like people in that some they have different...
  14. cactus jack

    Cleaner Shrimp/Coral Banded

    no and no
  15. cactus jack

    Help I think I got ICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    what do you mean white spots? like grains of sugar attached to its sides? or fluffy white things on its fins?
  16. cactus jack

    Ever feel like you've had enough?

    this is interesting. what seems to be the problems you are running into? sounds like you are set up right. are fish dying? if so, what are their symptoms? what is actually inside your tank? like rocks, substrate, fish, invertebrates, corals, etc. its not that hard to keep a tank. like...
  17. cactus jack

    Problem with my eel (please read)

    btw, what exactly is acting funny? is he telling jokes or just dancing around in circles? on a serious note, are you sure he is really sick?
  18. cactus jack

    Problem with my eel (please read)

    he's probably a binge and purger or is dry heavng from all the vodka he had to drink last night
  19. cactus jack

    Dwarf Lionfish wont eat...

    just leave it be. when its hungry you'll know. you can always try some guppies to get it started
  20. cactus jack

    fish for a small tank.

    small blenny and small clownfish with a shrimp, hermit, crab, duster, polyp rock, all small in size