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  1. lurch694u

    Need to buy R/O Unit

    Spectrapure all the way.
  2. lurch694u

    World's Biggest/Most Expensive Reef Tank

    What ever happened to mr5000 and his huge basement tank???
  3. lurch694u

    Bang Guy can you give me some advise?

    Bangguy, Can you give some detail on how the smaller rubbermaid in the bigger rubbermaid works? In the smaller container do I just drill holes in each side? Or do I have to install a powerhead on one side to push the water thru the small container. :thinking:
  4. lurch694u

    Ok,the Xenia is fragged and on the reef plug....

    I've read somewhere that when they are ready there hands will start poking out of the bridals viel.
  5. lurch694u

    read this on another site, very intresting

    So your saying for us to throw away are grounding probes
  6. lurch694u

    Purple stuff on my base rock

    My flame angel had a taste for xenia:mad:
  7. lurch694u

    Move/New Tank Setup

    Hey is that light beer??? (I know bad joke:yes: )
  8. lurch694u

    Any Gamers on the boards?

    Return to castle wolfenstein Enemy Territory multiplayer for PC, it is a free download do a search. America's Army online great free tactical shooter. Free also
  9. lurch694u

    What salt mix do you use?

    Deep Ocean never had a problem with it. Mixes at 450 cal
  10. lurch694u

    OT: We caught Saddam!!!

    If you don't appreciate this country for what it is and what it has given you I say get the hell out Great!!! Will you buy me a plane ticket to Fiji???
  11. lurch694u

    OT: We caught Saddam!!!

    Here you go... Washington Post CBS News Commondreams
  12. lurch694u

    OT: We caught Saddam!!!

    you did run across the part were russia sold arms to Iraq, right? Did you run across the part were the US sold chemical/biological weapons to Iraq? :eek:
  13. lurch694u

    OT: We caught Saddam!!!

    Here is a interesting story... They got the wrong guy
  14. lurch694u

    "How old are You?"

    Jeff 26
  15. lurch694u

    OT: Best Avatars... A contest!

    UH, two clown fish in a anemone.:)
  16. lurch694u

    OT: One of those days

    Hey rock, here's some pictures I found that I thought were pretty cool.
  17. lurch694u

    OT: Best Avatars... A contest!

    What about mine? :D
  18. lurch694u

    92g Corner

    Boy, I wouldn't want to try to put lighting for coral under that first one! :D
  19. lurch694u

    92g Corner

    49x18x24 is my guess. that equals out to 92 gallons
  20. lurch694u

    photo programs

    Overanalyzer it is called IP block. The new kazaa lite even has it built in.