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  1. saltwater4me


    Yes, you can, I seen some in an lfs, and some on the internet, there not common. Not sure if they will kill fish.
  2. saltwater4me

    Grupers anyone own 1

    You can't get a grouper in your 15 gallon tank. But, if you want a bigger tank, groupers eat meat, frozen or live, they aren't shy. My strawberry grouper was so mean it was scary to his tankmates, but now hes at our lfs. :)
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    Ya, I have Tacks, they have some rare fish there, I like those leopards. To bad I don't have a humongus tank.
  4. saltwater4me

    You pick the Fish!

    A nice tang, or angel would do nice, but come of those fish may get to big. So, you'd hafe to get a bigger fish, or get rid of your fish, when it grows up.
  5. saltwater4me

    Where to get live plants for my tangs?

    mr. salty, copper doesn't kill algae( i don't know why) in my qt tank I have it running with copper, and algae is growing.
  6. saltwater4me

    Which of these is your favorite Triggerfish?

    blue line is my vote.
  7. saltwater4me

    Where to get live plants for my tangs?

    Can live planys survive in copper?
  8. saltwater4me

    Where to get live plants for my tangs?

    Palos Heights
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    12 bucks is an awesome price, it's even better price then the internet.
  10. saltwater4me

    Has anyone every been stung by a lionfish???

    that's cool pufferlover. Blueberryboomer, my niger does that to sometimes, but most of the time he goes in his cave.
  11. saltwater4me

    i hate damsels, they serve no purpose

    yes it is amphiprion.
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    I saw some niger triggers that size in my lfs. They are usually nice, but some people on this bb got some bad apples, and yes they are extremely hardy.
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    Wait, now under your tank option it says, 125 gallon, now what do you have?
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    Wait a minute, you say you have a 125 gallon aquarium, but under your tank option it says 55 gallon. What tank size do you realy have?
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    Good luck, you'll need it with that undulated. But, you should of never added that undulated trigger first, that's askin for trouble. But, good luck.
  16. saltwater4me

    red algea attack

    Goober, I have the same problem as you now. My readings are all perfect, and red algae. I do now about water changes every 3 days, to get rid of that stupid red algae. Any ideas of how to get rid of it?
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    I've heard blue lined triggers and queens are extremely mean just like undulateds, so I guess you might, but the triggers would hafe to be about 4 in. or 4.5 in. But it's a little risky because undulateds are extremely mean.
  18. saltwater4me

    niger trigger

    That's perfect for your lion and trigger when they grow up. Good luck
  19. saltwater4me

    Where to get live plants for my tangs?

    Ya, they did have them before.... But if you want to come out by my way, theres a store called scott's pet shop, Great store with rare fish, they have saltwater plants. If you want to know the exact place just ask.
  20. saltwater4me

    niger trigger

    O ya, what size is your tank?