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  1. reefmagic

    Sun coral

    I know how you feel. I once bought a dead frogspawn. He told me it was just retracted from him dosing his tank 15 minutes earlier....ya right. So I went back in the next day to complain and he rudely pointed to the sign on the wall "No Refunds on Inverts"...he lost a customer:) .
  2. reefmagic

    2.5 gal

    Purple lobsters tend to get pretty big (5" or so) and sometimes will become carnivorous.....or so I've heard.
  3. reefmagic

    Nano Requirements

    A clam won't survive at all under 18w. 6700K may cause you to have algae problems and won't look as crisp white as 10,000K.
  4. reefmagic

    Purple Owie

    LMAO, she had to take it away from him :hilarious
  5. reefmagic

    I'm Pregnant!

    they are not live bearers, but may be full of eggs.